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CoderzColumn Provides The Opportunity To Explore The IT Programming World With Premium Learning Material On Various Technical and Non-Technical Subjects. Our Platform Will Help You Propel Your Career And Inspire You To Achieve More. Learn At Your Own Pace - Free.

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We Provide High-Quality Programming Tutorials And Blogs That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals Within A Short Span Of Time. Through Our In-Depth Articles, You Will Gain Insights On Topics Like Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning), Data Science, Data Visualization, Android, Blockchain, NFTs, Web3.0 & Digital Marketing.

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Skilled Professionals Will Always Be In-Demand At Renowned Institutes. Developing Skills In Latest Programming Trends Like Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Science, Android, etc Can Greatly Boost Your career. Pick The Tutorials That Best Suit Your Requirement And Get Started.

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Our Team

Sunny Solanki

Sunny Solanki

Sunny Solanki holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology (2006-2010) from L.D. College of Engineering (India). Post completion of his graduation, he has 8.5+ years of experience (2011-2019) in the IT Industry (TCS). His IT experience involves working on Python & Java Projects with US/Canada banking clients. Since 2019, he’s primarily concentrating on growing CoderzColumn.

His main areas of interest are AI, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and Concurrent Programming. He has good hands-on with Python and its ecosystem libraries.

Apart from his tech life, he prefers reading biographies and autobiographies. And yes, he spends his leisure time taking care of his plants and a few pre-Bonsai trees.

Dolly Solanki

Dolly Solanki

Dolly S. Solanki, a Digital Marketer by profession, has in-depth knowledge in SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, Local SEO, and Mobile SEO. Dolly has extensive experience handling domestic and on-site clients meticulously and managing their websites. Moreover, at CoderzColumn, all your digital marketing queries will be resolved within the shortest time span. If you want to improve the ranking of your website through organic ways, Dolly is here to help you.

Apart from Digital Marketing, she has hands-on experience developing WordPress, Magento, and Opencart websites. Understanding the client's requirements and providing a full-fledged website is her forte.

She has not limited herself to digital marketing and website development, but diversifies her skills in the field of Data Science and Data Visualization. She has also posted various Python and Data Visualization tutorials/blogs on the CoderzColumn platform.