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How AI & Chatbot Are Transforming Android App Technology

How AI & Chatbot Are Transforming Android App Technology

The technical world is moving at a very fast pace by introducing new and advanced features every day. These features are something that makes the mobile devices part and parcel of our lives. In simple words, the Android technology is getting ready for the future advanced versions. Users would be able to witness some emerging trends that would help the business in collecting the most useful data. This would be done in order to improve the android app user experience and user engagement.

Nowadays the Chatbots and AI are the trending technology. Their aim would be to ease the pain of the businesses that they are facing in order to scale and support business teams in their relationships with clients.

You can see that some of the application that is making use of chatbots are:

  • Slack
  • Telegram
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • iMessage

According to the surveys and reports from industry experts, the worldwide chatbots markets have expected to reach around $ 1.27 billion by the year 2025. This shows that the android market’s annual growth rate is around 24.3%. In addition to that, more and more mobile application development companies are coming up with their featured Chatbots and AI integrations. The integration of AI with the android application is having the potential to bring a revolutionary change in the mobile application market. Basically, AI is considered as a deep founded technology that will allow the businesses to collect useful data from the internet and then develop analysis based on important actions. AI also helps in showing contextual data to the views or users who make the use of various applications on a daily basis.

With the integration of AI with the android application’s chatbots you would be able to explore some interesting and intelligent capability of mobile solutions.

In this interesting post, you would learn more and more about the advantages of chatbots and AI and various applications that can benefit from it. Well, well, well! Before moving toward the advantages, we need to look out for the requirements of Chatbots and AI.

Why do Android Applications require Chatbots and AI?

While discussing the features of any Android application, we try to learn about its requirements for the users. Similarly, you might be thinking as what is the requirement of Chatbots and AI in Android applications. Do businesses owning Android applications these days require AI and chatbots integrations in their applications?

If you see a generic situation, then every business has a support center or customer care center or call center. These departments are solely developed to resolve customer issues and engage with them to provide technical support.

The integration of AI and chatbots will replace the human intervention ad instead robots will be helping out people to get their issues resolved. The entire process would be automated and hence less time-consuming.

Now let’s discuss what are some of the benefits provided by AI and chatbots integration to Android Applications.

Benefit To Messaging Android Apps: The chatbots would provide an autogenerated reply for you. Hence this will reduce the time and also improve your business. It will make sure that your business is having good engagement and customer conversion.

Happy And Satisfied Customers: With the help of Chatbots and Ai you can make the customer engagement at a very positive level. The issue resolution process will be quick and lively. The chatbots won’t get bored with your any questions and answer to each and every query patiently. By engaging with the customer’s chatbots will be able to know the user’s taste and preferences.

Note! You can also read How AI can impact Digital Marketing. It will show how applications and websites make use of AI for promoting and upgrading their business functionalities.

Relevant Recommendations: Chatbots would become your friends. They would keep recommending you to do new things according to your taste. It will be quite an exciting experience.

Ease Of Integration: With the help of AI you can integrate all the Android applications with Chatbots and get your work done.

Now we will be discussing the various industries which are making use of AI and chatbots in their android applications.

E-Commerce And Customer Services

This is one of the most common industry which is making use of Chatbots and AI in their android applications. It is relevant because they are available across the globe where they need to resolve customer queries and engage with them. The chatbots will actually turn the boring customer experience into interesting ones.

Healthcare Industry:

In the healthcare industry, you can see the use of Ai and Chatbots to enhance the performance of the doctors. In their tight schedule doctors can take the help of chatbots to work on less-serious ailments. They can also be used to work out the daily routines and checkup of the patients. The chatbots might also be helpful in diagnosing various diseases.

News & Publication:

In this industry, chatbots can be used to personalize the success of media companies. It is ideal for delivering content to viewers and readers online.


With the above discussions we can conclude that AI and chatbots will definitely be improving the quality of user experience through the android applications. In general, the chatbots and AI would be beneficial in increasing the number of android app downloads, increase user engagement and also conversions. This is the time for upcoming as well as established businesses to think smart. You can also observe numerous benefits associated with native Chatbots and AI development in the industry-specific Android applications. The Chatbots can be modified depending on the various business requirements, analysis and automate the existing business mobile apps. These are the most trending technologies and will help the business to stand out from the crowd and beat the competitors.

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