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List Of The Best Blogging Tools/Applications (Part 2)

List Of The Best Blogging Tools/Applications (Part 2)

Till now, you have come across all the tools and applications for blogging are for hosting and searching for the right topics (Part 1). But the next set of tools you will gain knowledge about are used for blog writing. So let’s get started!

Important Section Of The Article

Tools/Application For Blog Writing

You have already known how to identify the keywords for the blog and use them strategically to enhance the website traffic. With the help of the blog writing tools, you will know how to write perfect blogs. Moreover, you will know how to strategically place the keywords to drive traffic. Through the blog writing tools, you will get to know and learn the blog writing styles.

The best features offered by the blog writing tools are that you can optimize your headlines, strike the right tone and style for your blog, and ensure your content is free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

11. Blog Ideas Generator

  • With other blogging tools, you have already known about your target audience and have some keywords that you're targeting.
  • So now, you just have to focus on writing the blog. The very first tool that you can use for blog writing is Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator.
  • While using this tool, you have to enter about 5 to 6 main keywords regarding the blog topic. And then click on search. The tool will auto-generate almost 5 blog ideas. You can choose any one of the topics and start writing.
  • Do you want something more from the tool? Just fill out a form and you will get access to a year’s worth of blog ideas and details on how to advance your SEO strategy.
  • This tool offered by HubSpot is completely free. Do you think it’s worth giving it a try? Yes, Certainly.

Why Do You Recommend Blog Idea generator To Bloggers?

Blog Ideas Generator can be used by beginners as well as expert bloggers. Even digital marketers/content marketers have found this tool quite useful for getting trend blog ideas. If you do not want to use the tool regularly, you can use it occasionally. This tool is helpful when you are running out of ideas while writing a blog. You can keep the tool bookmarked for later use.

12. Portent's Content Idea Generator

  • As you have known about the blog ideas tool offered by HubSpot, there is another tool that you will find helpful. This tool is offered by Portent. It is a great tool used as a content idea generator. With the help of this tool, you can generate relevant headlines based on the keyword you type into the search bar.
  • The tool provided by Portent has a specific design and functionality. The content idea you received from this tool will help you to get both clicks and links, these headlines are intended to be "funny and shocking," according to the company site.
  • You may find that the tool is not flexible for all the brands but it definitely works for bloggers. If you are trying to boost social traffic, this tool is just perfect for you.

Why Do You Recommend Portent’s Content Idea Generator To Bloggers?

This tool is beneficial for bloggers, content marketers and many more. You can use this tool along with the HubSpot tool to enhance the quality of your content. Just use the tool and build your content calendar today!

13. EMV Headline Analyzer

Have you ever heard of the EMV Headline Analyzer. This is quite a useful tool but not many bloggers are aware of it? The tool is helpful for bloggers to calculate the emotional marketing value of headlines.

  • Now you might be thinking what is emotional marketing. Well, this is a term that is specifically used by digital marketers to enhance the marketing value.
  • Emotional marketing is performed when you are focusing on the emotional sentiments of the customers/target audience.
  • Moreover, the marketers use emotions to get the brand in front of the target audience. This helps the marketers to reach out to the right people, get the brand noticed, and encourage the audience to take action.

How The Tool Will Work?

  • You just have to type the blog title in the search bar of the tool. The tool will do the analyzing work. It will add emotional words to the content headlines. Moreover, you get the score for the headlines and how appealing it would feel to the audience.
  • If you get the title or headline score between 30% and 40% will stand out in SERPs and social feeds.

Why Do You Recommend This Tool To Bloggers?

  • The expert digital marketers of CoderzColumn would recommend EMV Headline Analyzer for marketers and bloggers who want to optimize their emotional marketing efforts and attract more readers.
  • You might be thinking that emotional marketing is relevant only to a particular sector. But no. It serves all the industries.
  • You can use it for all types of the business brands such as hospitality, beauty, healthcare, and food industries. If you’re looking for a more SEO-centric title testing tool, try CoSchedule’s Headline Studio.

14. Hemingway App

What do bloggers want? The very thing that bloggers are looking forward to is a “Catchy Headline” When you have a catchy headline, it becomes easier to create a good post.

  • Using a good headline is an easy way to capture the attention of your audience and encourage them to read your blogs.
  • But if you want your audience to be engaged till the end, the content should be interesting. You need to make sure your text is readable. So how will you do it? Do you have any tool for that?
  • Yes, Certainly! You can use the Hemingway App.
  • It is basically a free tool that helps in the analysis of your text's readability.
  • The App will help you in highlighting any sentences that are complex or dense, use passive voice, or have too many adverbs. When you know where you are making mistakes, you can edit accordingly.
  • This app editor will also be helpful in calculating the readability score so you can ensure your writing aligns with your reader persona's vocabulary and comprehension.

Why Do You Recommend The Hemingway App To Bloggers?

  • The Hemingway App is for bloggers who need to reduce errors, clichés, and redundancies in their writing. (Which blogger wouldn’t want to publish a high-quality blog?)
  • Note that you can use this app for shorter content as it would be convenient. The tool does not have an extension for the rich-text editor such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. However, it’s ideal for distraction-free writing and editing.

15. Grammarly

  • Along with the Hemingway App, you can use another app to create engaging and error-free content. The tool is Grammarly. You can use the free or premium version to ensure that the blogs are grammatically correct.
  • Grammarly will not only check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but it will also recommend vocabulary enhancements and detect any instances of plagiarism.
  • Another feature offered by Grammarly is that you can choose to draft or copy and paste your blog posts into the Grammarly editor. You can also install Grammarly as a Google Chrome browser extension to offer suggestions as you write in Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites.

Why Do You Recommend Grammarly To Th Bloggers?

  • The most important thing is - I use it regularly. The tool is convenient and offers various features even in the free version. The tool is good for bloggers and content marketers.
  • The best part is you can use the advanced features to this editor tool and integrate it with other writing tools you’re already using.
  • Because it works in Google Docs and on the web, it’s ideal for editing long pieces that you don’t want to copy and paste over into a separate grammar checker.
  • If you’re also doing social media marketing in addition to blogging, you can use Grammarly to double-check your social copy before pushing it live.
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