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8 WordPress Plugins To Improve Website Traffic

8 WordPress Plugins To Improve Website Traffic

In the digital era, if you are not having an online presence, you are losing out on everything. This is especially true for the business and corporate sectors. You might have a lot of customers for your physical business but if online presence is zero, you can’t survive in the highly competitive business world. Most often people confuse the online presence with ‘Just’ having a website. Well, that’s not enough!. Get help from the developers to develop a website and launch it on the servers to be visible to your target audience.

The fact is you can develop and launch a website conveniently. But it will only be visible to your target audience when you are having higher visibility on the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Without proper visibility on the search engines, you cannot have gain traffic for your website. So are you willing to increase the traffic on your website?

Definitely yes! Almost everyone is looking forward to having quality traffic on their website. But are unable to find the right way to generate traffic. High-quality traffic is essential for all online businesses. With high-quality traffic, you can engage them with your brand, direct them to the conversion cycles, capture leads and generate revenue for the business. The most important aspect of having a website is to boost the brand awareness of your business through the website. Generating high-quality traffic requires a lot of effort. It cannot be done in just one way. You have to embrace a wide range of web traffic generation tactics to increase web traffic.

If you have your business website in WordPress, we can easily improve the website traffic and even manage them. WordPress is a perfect CMS if you want to have a blogging website or even a business website. There are a plethora of templates, plugins that support the development and design of the website. There are many plugins to help you increase the traffic of the website as well. With the help of the WordPress plugins, you get support and assistance to customize the website in such a way that your era high-quality traffic within a short span of time. The WordPress plugins will help you to use the right keywords, employ social media tactics, improvise website performance, and increase customer networking.

Through these articles, we aim to share the list of the WordPress plugins that help in increasing website traffic. Given below is the list of WordPress plugins that can help you in increasing website traffic.

  • HubSpot WordPress Plugin
  • Yoast SEO
  • Monarch
  • All In One SEO
  • Revive Old Posts
  • WP Notification Bars
  • WPtouch
  • Instant Articles For WP

Now let’s get started to know how and where you can use the WordPress plugins to increase the high-quality traffic on your website.

1. HubSpot WordPress Plugin

Before you start expecting traffic on your website, you should know what type of traffic is visiting your website and what you are looking for. This is an important question to ask if you want to get high-quality traffic to your website. The HubSpot WordPress Plugin will provide you with several tools that will help in understanding the difference between getting traffic and high-quality traffic. It will help you understand where to focus to generate high traffic on the website. With this plugin, it will be easier for you to track the daily visitors. These visitors can interact with your website. Through the interactions, the plugin will organize them in the form of contacts. You can go through the details whenever you need to convert the leads into potential customers.

  • The plugins offer you a perfect CRM for storing information of all the contacts.
  • In-built analytics: it helps you to get a holistic view of different marketing performances on your website.
  • Dashboard: You can gain all the information from the easy-to-understand dashboard. You can track the website pages that are generating more traffic as compared to other pages. I can help you to drive more leads without any hassle.
  • Easy Content Publishing: If you are planning to share the content on different channels, the plugin will help you. You will find the plugin effective and efficient for your business website.
  • Pricing: The HubSpot WordPress Plugin is free.

2. Yoast SEO

Do you know why website ranking and visibility are so important? Just imagine that you are searching the web to get the best information on the WordPress platform. You can scan through the web links that you get on the very first page of the search engine (Google). If you get to know the statistics, you can understand how and where visibility affects the traffic of the website and how you can capture leads from it. According to Backlinko, less than 1% of Google search users click links on the second results page.

With the help of the Yoast SEO plugin, you can optimize the content and get your website on the first Google search engine result pages. Many expert developers and digital marketers consider the Yoast SEO plugin as the best when it comes to optimizing the on-page features of the website. Some of the most important on-page features that you can improve are meta tags, themes, sitemap, keywords, outbound and inbound links, breadcrumbs, URLs, and many more. With Yoast SEO you can take care of every tiny detail required to improve your posts for search engines. One of the best features of Yoast SEO is content analysis. It has three different colors to display the quality of the content and whether there is a scope for improvement or not.

Pricing: Yoast SEO offers a free version of its plugin, as well as a premium version for $89.

3. Monarch

Monarch is a wonderful and powerful WordPress plugin for enhancing the inflow of traffic from social media. With the help of the plugin, you can improve the interactions with visitors and enhance your networking. There is a provision of linking the website to more than 20 social media platforms. You can even add different social sharing buttons in five different places on the website. It can be the website sidebar, images or video section, pop-up section, and content. When you perfectly install and activate the plugin, you can generate a tremendous amount of web traffic without any hassle. The important thing is that you will receive traffic from a wide range of social media. The most important aspect is that the web traffic you get is completely organic.

Pricing: Monarch is included with an Elegant Themes membership. Membership is $89 per year or a one-time payment of $249 for lifetime access.

4. All In One SEO

All In One SEO is quite a popular WordPress plugin that has millions of active users. If you are looking to increase the traffic of your website then you must include this WordPress plugin in your list. The plugin is helpful for everything right from submitting XML sitemaps to adding meta tags to notifying search engines about changes in your website, this plugin does everything to simplify your job. All In One SEO provides you with a simple solution and requires little to no configuration to start working. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin. With the activation of the plugins, you can automatically implement measures to make your content more indexable. Of course, you can configure the plugin to your needs, but this isn’t necessary to start seeing results.

Pricing: All In One SEO is available as a free plugin. It also offers four paid plans: Basic ($99 per year), Plus ($199 per year), Pro ($399 per year), and Elite ($599 per year).

5. Revive Old Posts

This is yet another WordPress Plugin that helps you to review your older blog posts. Usually, you might find it time-consuming to keep track of all the blog posts. especially those that are a year or 2 old. Moreover, it becomes tiring to post blogs on social media every other day. You need something to automate the work. You have it here - the Review Old Posts plugin offered by WordPress helps you to get rid of the friction. You can automatically share all the older blog posts. This option is available for new blogs as well. This plugin is helpful because the older posts get buried deep in the website. all you have to do is to choose the number of posts you need to publish on social media. By resharing the old content, you can increase website traffic instantly.

Pricing: Revive Old Posts is free. There's also a premium version, which sells for $75 per year for one website, or a one-time payment of $225 for a lifetime subscription.

6. WPtouch

Have you heard of WPTouch? It is a WordPress plugin that helps you to access different aspects of the website through the plugin. It helps the website to be mobile-friendly - with the responsiveness of the website. The plugins help to make the website elements responsive. The elements can be resized so that they can adapt to a different screen. It is essential because a large number of people are using smartphones and surfing the internet through their personal smart devices. If your website is not optimized for smart devices, you won't be able to drive web traffic. People do not want to look at a website that requires consistent horizontal and vertical scroll. When you are using the WordPress plugin to optimize the website for mobile, you can drive traffic to your website.

Pricing: The basic version of the WPtouch plugin is free. There's also WPtouch Pro (starting at $79 per year) with more mobile theme options and extensions for the plugin.

7. WP Notification Bars

Do you want to increase the web traffic without causing any inconvenience to the website? Another perfect WordPress plugin is lightweight WP Notification Bars. It helps you to publish different types of customized, mobile-friendly alert bars on your WordPress website pages. With the help you to drive more traffic for your website. The notification alert will direct the visitors to the specific post. The plugin also helps you to notify visitors about new content and product promotions.

To use the plugin, just set the notification bar in the header or footer section of your website. Then, customize the bar to fit your brand’s style by changing the color, font size, and call-to-action button.

Pricing: WP Notification Bars is free.

8. Instant Articles For WP

Content writers and digital marketers are already aware of the fact that Facebook launched instant articles for a wide range of publishers. Now the same features are available in Instance Articles For WP. This is a WordPress plugin that helps you to set up a website similar to Facebook’s instant articles. When you publish numerous articles on the website, the load on the website increases, and speed decreases. The Instant article for WP will help you in maintaining high website speed even after publishing the articles. Moreover, you can increase the reach of the article's links through Facebook integration.


If you want your business to have an online presence, a website is a must. But along with that, you should have proper traffic inflow. When you have visitors hitting your website and engaging with it, you can generate revenue. If you have high-quality customers coming to your website, then you can easily improve the business brand and take it to the next level. You can consult the best digital marketers of CoderzColumn to understand more about increasing traffic.

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