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Ultimate Guide For "Moz"

Ultimate Guide For "Moz"

If you are a digital marketer, you might know about Moz. It is considered as one of the best search engine optimization software or online tools that will help in improving the backlinks of the website and also improve the visibility of the website. Moz is used by almost all digital marketing experts to enhance the effectiveness of the SEO strategy. With the "Moz" tool you will get all the things such as keywords research, broken link identifier, exploring of unique links, competitive analysis of the website, and many other essentials. Through the "Moz" platform, you will be getting free as well as premium tools that you can use as per your preferences. Through this article, you will learn all the essential features that are offered by Moz to the digital marketing experts.

What Are Some Of The Amazing Features Of Moz?

  • Rank Tracker
  • On-Page Grader
  • Site Crawl
  • Link Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Fresh Web Explorer

Keyword Explorer - Moz Tool For Digital Marketing:

Keywords play a significant role in increasing the visibility of the websites. If you are using the right set of keywords, you will be able to witness the rise in website visibility within a short period of time. If the keywords you are using on the website are not relevant, then it becomes very difficult to bring your website to the top SRP - Google search engine result pages. Moz is offering you a wonderful tool that is loved and used by almost all digital marketers and SEO specialists. With the help of this tool, you would be able to figure out the right set of keywords for your website. These keywords will help you to focus on the SEO factors of the website and bring your website to the top SERP. Through this tool, you would be able to monitor the performance of the keywords you have used, the volume of the keywords, the monthly average searches, the difficulty level of the keywords, the average CTR that you would be receiving, the average score, and average priority.

Ultimate Guide For Moz

Ultimate Guide For Moz

On-Page Optimization Offered By Moz - On-Page Grade:

Once you are done with the keywords, the next big thing that you need to track down is the on-page optimization of the website. On-page optimization of the website usually comprises of several factors such as

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Schema
  • Featured snippet
  • Content organization
  • Usage of Heading tags - H1 to H5
  • Right usage of the ALT tags for the images
  • Using right caption of right images
  • URL optimization

All these things combine together to become On-page optimization parameters. Once all the parameters are set, you can easily get your website on the top Google pages. With the help of this tool, you would be able to get full information of the keyword you are trying to rank for, the formation of the URL for your website. For using this tool, you need to get the overall score for the on-page optimization of your website. The score will let you know in what sections your website is optimized and which section needs improvement. The tool will also be helpful in removing all the errors and will help you to fix those issues as well. Besides this, you will also get a set of relevant keywords that you can use for increasing the website visibility and also improvise the position of the website.

Ultimate Guide For Moz

Website Crawling On-Demand:

Website crawling is essential because it will help in indexing the essential pages of the website in Google SERP - search engine result pages. Apart from that, crawling will help the Google search bots to know about the new content, links, keywords, and various other essential things. If you want a tool for faster crawling of the website, then you can choose the Moz tool "On-Demand Crawl".The tool will just take 10 to 15 minutes to crawl your entire website and fetch all the important details of it. Once the website crawling process is complete, you will be getting an email on the registered email id. It will be a complete report which you can easily analyze and generate useful insights.

Ultimate Guide For Moz

Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer -This is yet another interesting tool that will provide you data after analyzing your entire website link profile. It is basically an analysis tool where you would be able to understand how to follow up with link building, which links would be beneficial for your website, and how competitors are performing with the backlinks. Once you know how your competitors are performing, you would be able to compare your progress with them.

What Will You Get From Open Site Explorer?

  • All inbound and backlinks
  • Most reliable pages linking to you
  • Anchor text of links
  • Recently Shared Links

Besides this, you will get to learn about the different features along with some tools that will help in enhancing the visibility of the website - some features include compare links, Link intersect tool, Broken link checker, spam analysis, custom reports, Traffic from search, etc.

Now that you have known about the features, let's understand them in detail.

Ultimate Guide For Moz

#1 Compare Links: Through this feature, you would be able to compare different links and the metrics simultaneously. According to the experts, it is one of the most amazing features offered by Moz.

Ultimate Guide For Moz

#2 Link Interesting Tool: With the help of this tool, you will be able to demonstrate the websites that are connecting to your websites as well as the competitors. In this way, you will get to know about the external links of the competitor website and you can make use of those external links as well.

#3 Tracking Of The Broken Links- Broken Link Checker: With this tool, you will be able to search all the broken links that are present on your website. You can make a list of such broken links and then eliminate them from the website so that are no unused and unnecessary pages on the website.

#4 Spam Analysis: The Moz tools provide yet another tool that is quite interesting. This tool or feature will help you in analyzing the spam score of the website. This will let you know about the number of pages that are having spammy content or any sort of red flags. Once you get to know that the website is having some spammy content, it is easy for you to eliminate it easily.

#5 Developing Of Custom Reports: With this featured tool, you will be able to generate the most powerful, efficient custom reports for the website. With the customized reports, you will be having multiple features, filters as well as multiple options. The report would be generated within the next 4 to 5 hours of submission.

Fresh Web Explorer:

Usually Moz is a platform where you will be getting most of the features that are directly useful for the digital marketers. These tools will be the best when it comes to enhancing the best features of your website. Moz will generally lookout for important notifications for the crawling of your website. This tool will closely resemble the Google Alert & Buzz sumo. The tool will discover all the articles and also provide insights into the website brand and competitors. It is a great and supportive feature that will make reference to originate from top pages.

Ultimate Guide For Moz

It is used for increasing the convenience of the users. All you have to do is download the extension and use it for getting all the SEO insights directly in your browser. When you are clicking on the icon of the Moz Bar, it will show you the Domain Authority of the website and when you click once again, it will turn off. With this tool, you will get similar reports about the pages you visit.


A simple shout-out to all the digital marketers out there who wish to achieve a high position for a website in the Google SERP. You must make use of the tool Moz. it will not just help you in enhancing the visibility of the website but also improving the page authority, domain authority, link building, and various other things.

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