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Top 10 Skills You Need To Master in 2019

Top 10 Skills You Need To Master in 2019

With the advancements in technology day by day, we need to keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings. With the start of the new year 2019, we can say that 2019 isn't that far away. Being a professional, have you been paying attention to the changes happening in your workplace and how they are affecting you? How has your role as a professional evolved over the past five years? Do you still consider yourself skilled for the jobs of the future? Do you have any idea of what sort of jobs those might be?

The Insight Report from the World Economic Forum reports that you need the ten skills listed below to thrive in 2019:

Complex And Complicated Problem Solving. : It involves major problem-solving in research, analytics. Complex problem-solving skills with deep analytical thinking can help you develop abilities used to solve novel, complicated problems in complex, real-world settings (O*NET).

Critical Thinking And Analysis: Critical analytical thinking is a key part of university study. Many first-year students receive comments such as 'not analytical enough' in their early assignments. You will find that you develop your critical and analytical skills as you go through university. In brief, this means looking very closely at the detail and not taking what you read or hear for granted

* Books You Can Refer For Critical Thinking:
    * Critical Thinking Skills For Education Students by Patrick Jones
    * Elements of Critical Thinking by Albert Rutherford
    * Critical Thinking- An Introduction To Reasoning Well by Robert Arp

Creativity - With Visual Effects: Technology doesn't only enable creativity, but nurtures it. Through platforms like YouTube, anyone with an Internet connection can hone their skills and be inspired by others, while meeting sites allow budding musicians, writers or filmmakers to get together and explore ideas and techniques.

* Books To Refer:
    * Introduction To Design Engineering by W.Ernst Eder
    * Learn Media by Ian Lamont

People Management - Most Important Soft Skill: Your professional life success as a manager will primarily depend on “soft skills” that are easy to take for granted. What are these talents that mean more than experience and technical prowess combined? Three words: people management skills. You can assess your own people management skills by simply asking yourself the following question: “How well do I work with others?” But when you try and get to the specifics of what it means to be an effective team member, the insight often breaks down into generalities such as, “She’s likable,” or, “He’s got a good personality.”

* Books You Can Refer:
    * On Becoming A Leader by Warren Bennis
    * Getting Things Done-Art Of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

Coordinating With Others- Build An Effective Team: Coordinating – to work with others to arrange the workflow; to assist others in executing a complex task; to provide assistance in achieving a common effort.

Emotional Intelligence- To Influence And Attract Target Audience: Emotional Intelligence is the measure of an individual’s abilities to recognize and manage their emotions, and the emotions of other people, both individually and in groups.

* Books To Refer:
    * Emotional Intelligence by Gill Hasson
    * Emotional Intelligence By Swami Vivekanand
    * Emotional Intelligence At Work by Hendrie Weisinger

Proper Judgement And Decision Making: The internal thinking, cognitive process or act of reaching a decision, drawing sound conclusions, forming an opinion, or making critical distinctions, about people, situations, ideas or events through assessment, comparison, and/or deliberation.

Service Orientation: Service orientation is the ability and desire to anticipate, recognize and meet others' needs, sometimes even before those needs are articulated. Service-oriented people focus on providing satisfaction and making themselves available to others. Developing Service Orientation. Think of your current customers.

Negotiation: Effective negotiators must have the skills to analyze a problem to determine the interests of each party in the negotiation. A detailed problem analysis identifies the issue, the interested parties, and the outcome goals.

* Books To Refer:
    * Beyond Reasons- Using Emotion As You Negotiate by Roger Fisher
    * The Art Of Negotiation by Michael Wheeler

Cognitive Flexibility: Cognitive flexibility refers to our ability to disengage from one task and respond to another or think about multiple concepts at the same time. Someone who is cognitively flexible will be able to learn more quickly, solve problems more creatively, and adapt and respond to new situations more effectively, which is why it’s so important in both educational settings and the workplace.

The above mentioned are some of the most important skills that will keep you a step ahead of your competitors. Just remember that the more you go out of your way to do things differently, engage in new experiences, and interact with different people, the more flexible your thinking will become.

Dolly Solanki: is a freelance journalist with over four years of experience in writing for publications, online resources, and blogs in the education industry. She believes that online education is the way of the future and is passionate about promoting online learning tools and the use of new technologies in the classroom.

Dolly Solanki Dolly Solanki

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