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Significance Of YouTube In The Digital Era

Significance Of YouTube In The Digital Era

Table of Contents

  • Introduction To YouTube
  • Why YouTube Is So Important In The Digital Marketing
  • Benefits Of Having A YouTube Channel For Business Website

Introduction To YouTube

Significance Of YouTube In The Digital Era

YouTube, is the most widely used online video streaming platform that does not require any introduction or briefing. We all are already familiar with it. YouTube was launched in the year 2005 and since then the popularity of YouTube has never diminished. Instead, YouTube can entirely revolutionize the videos that are being accessible to the target audience. Since the day, YouTube was launched, there are more than a billion users of YouTube and almost a million channel YouTube channels active today. The people who have a dynamic channel on YouTube have become really popular among viewers and almost became internet sensations.

YouTube is the online video-streaming platform that is entirely owned and managed by Google. In the present scenario, YouTube is having a huge network and you can say that almost two-thirds of the world population is watching YouTube videos on the Internet. YouTube has been used through smartphones, desktops, tablets, and various other mobile devices. According to a survey, it was revealed that YouTube is able to generate billions of views just through mobile devices.

Why YouTube Is So Important In The Digital Marketing

Significance Of YouTube In The Digital Era

Due to the popularity of the YouTube platform for informative and inquisitive videos, it is now considered one of the most effective marketing platforms. The videos posted on YouTube have the potential of capturing the attention of the YouTube visitors, keeping them hooked to the videos, and creating an impact. Besides this YouTube is quite important or significant for the digital marketing platform. Every business must understand the importance of YouTube and the videos that are being uploaded on it to support your business, increase its online reach, and get conversions for the business revenue.

There are various other factors that should the importance of YouTube videos for Digital marketing.

1. When You Are Incorporating YouTube Videos In Digital Marketing, You Are Increasing The Audience Reach

You already know that every day, millions of users get logged in on YouTube to watch videos of different types. This shows that YouTUbe is getting traffic in millions on daily basis, which makes its audience massive. With the massive traffic of YouTube, your business or organization can actually get massive exposure from millions of people. Through this traffic, you can capture leads, convert them into your potential customers and gain business revenue.

2. YouTube Can Boost Your Search Engine Optimization Capabilities

Well, when you are trying to get a wider audience reach, you are actually making it work through the off-page or on-page SEO (search engine optimization) activities. When you have a YouTube channel as well, it will give a boost to these capabilities. All you have to do is to integrate the right keywords, descriptions, and tags in the website to gain organic traffic not just from the Google search but also from the YouTube videos.

3. YouTube Videos Are Cost-Effective Solution For The Digital Marketing Strategies and Approach:

When you are embracing the traditional method of marketing, promotion, and advertising, you are actually spending a lot of money, time, and energy. These methods are not helpful in the present scenario or in the digital era. With the help of YouTube videos, you would be able to gain double the exposure without adding any extra money. So this shows that youtube is not just efficient but also cost-effective. Small or large businesses, can embrace its services to boost the audience reach.

4. With YouTube Videos Your Business Can Become An Immediate Sensation:

Well, if you are sure that your videos have amazing content which would be liked by millions of people then no one can stop your business from getting viral within a day or two of posting. In the digital era, you can observe a large number of people are becoming addicted to their smart devices and wish to access most of their entertainment and media over the web. So it is essential for your business to take advantage of the features that are offered by YouTube in order to reach more people. It will help in getting your company, the much-needed exposure. Digital marketing and its strategies are relatively new forms of marketing that will definitely develop and evolve into something bigger in the coming years. In this globally competitive generation, it is important to have all the advantages that you can have when it comes to promoting your company.

Benefits Of Having A YouTube Channel For Business Website

Significance Of YouTube In The Digital Era

If you consult experts, you can get to know one hundred or even more benefits of having a YouTube channel for your business website. But here we would be discussing some of the best and most prominent benefits from which all types of businesses, corporate sectors, and even organizations can benefit.

1. Tap Into The Huge Traffic Offered By YouTube:

Well, YouTube is an online platform that is usually used for watching or viewing a wide range of videos - educational, how-to, entertainment, movies, songs, and many other things. Due to the largest collection of videos, YouTube is having a huge network of people, followers, daily users. This count is actually in millions and sometimes billions and the best part is that you can get the views of the huge traffic source offered by YouTube. In the present day, the popularity of online video (whether it is informative, educational, or entertaining) is growing at the fastest speed and the graph it has taken is having an exponential curve. If you are malign use of the YouTube platform for your business videos then you would be able to gain a lot of things.

2. Creating A Group Of Fans Of YouTube:

YouTube is having so innumerable people as its followers that you can search for a specific group of people who could be a fan of your YouTube page or videos. In this way, you can not only gain viewers but also customers for your business. But you have to make sure that your videos are gripping and providing some solution, or information to the viewers or at least entertaining them.

3. Popularity of YouTube:

Well, you might be knowing that YouTube is recognized as the 2nd largest search engine after Google and the 3rd most visited website in the world. YouTube is not just for youngsters but supports every age group and provides videos for everyone. So if you are not using YouTube you would be left behind.

4. With Effective YouTube Marketing You Would Be Able To Gain Organic Traffic From Google:

Google is a search engine platform that blends in everything right from a general search, images, products, videos, books, news, and even provide local search results. Google has blended everything under one roof so as to increase the convenience of the visitors - they can get all the useful information in one place. When the video that you have uploaded on YouTube is giving you good views can be easily captured by the Google bots and help you gain organic traffic. Besides this, you can boost the organic search result with the help of YouTube videos.

5. Through YouTube Videos You Can Create Effective And Strong Backlinks:

If you want to create backlinks for your business website then you can specify the link within the videos itself or mention the links in the YouTube video description. YouTube website is having a high domain authority and would help you in increasing the domain authority of the website and get a good backlink.

Fun fact
Over 60% of searchers click on the first 3 results on Google, and over 90% of all Google searchers click on the first 10 organic results.
6. On YouTube Your Videos/Content Will Never Die:

When you are making use of YouTube videos for your business, you will always have the flexibility to re-purpose the content over and over again. This means that you can keep adding new things or upgrading the same videos and using them to gain traffic for your website. You do not have to invest in new equipment or even creating a new video - just upgrading the content over time and upload the video with a new thumbnail. This shows that your content on YouTube will never die. Besides, it will keep getting you views with time. Apart from this, if you do not want to re-purpose the old videos. You can make use of other content that can be turned into a video - a blog, an infographic, presentations, etc.

7. You Can Get Worldwide Views On Your Videos:

YouTube is not restricted to a country or organization. They are providing you a worldwide platform where you can gain traffic from all the countries. This can be considered as the biggest benefit of using YouTube for your business websites. When you keep creating consistent videos and getting them uploaded on YouTube, you would be able to gain worldwide traffic within a short period of time. Pro Tip: There might be some language barriers as not all the people in the world are speaking English. So you can have subtitles or can create the same video in different languages and share it on YouTube. Fun Fact: 80% of people who prefer to watch videos with closed-captions enabled don’t have hearing impairments.

6. YouTube Helps In Building An Email Marketing List:

Email marketing is an effective way to be in touch with your customers and clients. But for that, you need to have an email marketing list. So how will you get that email marketing list - through the videos of YouTube. When you are having engaging content, you would be able to grab the attention of your audience and keep them hooked for a longer period of time. When people start liking your videos, it would be easier for you to get the email or subscription of your followers. Using YouTube for getting emails or subscriptions will help you in reaching out to the right audience and convert them into customers.

7. Increase The Business Website Conversion By Promoting Products And Services On YouTube:

The videos that you get uploaded on YouTube should have the potential to capture the attention of the customers, or viewers. For that, you can add a persona touch to it. With this, you would be able to increase the conversions on your business website. Well, you might be thinking how? When the videos have a personal touch, you can make the people trust your brands, your products, and your services. It will indirectly increase the reliability of the services and make you popular among your target audience. You can drive traffic coming to your videos to your website’s product or landing pages and increase conversions.

8. Monetization Of YouTube Videos Will Become Another Source Of Income:

Whether you have a small business or a large one, everyone wishes to have multiple sources of income that can be used for different types of business investment and improve the product and services of a business. When you start having views in thousands and millions, you would be able to integrate ads in the video which would be viewed by your customers. Now based on the impressions and clicks that you get on the ads, you would be able to earn from it.

Significance Of YouTube In The Digital Era


YouTube is although an online platform that is allowing millions of users to watch a wide range of your videos but can make some different use of it for the benefit of your website. You can use it as a marketing platform where your videos will encourage people to buy your products or embrace the services provided by your business. YouTube videos can also be used to increase the brand awareness of the organization and gain a good position in the market.

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