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Learn To Get Smarter With Google SERP

Learn To Get Smarter With Google SERP

Digital marketers have to be on their toes to match the pace of the advanced technologies and their implementation by tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. With the modern times and modern SERP changes you would require modern understanding.Global SERP are becoming a myth and everything is turining to be more and more local. If you are trying to base some important decisions on SERP and ranking, then you need to make high quality data as the main key feature of your website. CoderzColumn will help you to explore the problems with different SERPs and how to manage those data quality.

With this blog post you would be knowing about the significance of the high quality content and how to keep improving it. Most of the digital marketers and website owners turn to Moz to check the quality of the websites, check the Domain Authority score, improving the spam score(completely eradicate it). Why? Because we trust Moz and have faith that it will not show irrational data.We would be discussing the content quality and most important metric metric in Search Engine Optimization.

You might have heard or read in various blogs that one should not look for the search rankings and just focus on building better content and better outreach. Search rank would be optimized on their own. But it is not the case. But most of us look out for the SERP ranking of our websites to understand how we are performing and based on this we would be making the decision. If the website stops performing well for a particular keyword or the ranking goes down, we start spening money to improve the content on the particular webpage and work on the outreach of the page. Google SERP is the most popular and widely used tool in the world.Here are some tips to search smarter so you can find what you’re really looking for.

1. Start Making Use Of Tabs:

While searching Google provides you the option of narrowing the search based on various factors such as Web search, Images, News, Videos, Maps, Shopping and More. So for example, if you are searching for some new apparels then you would be searching via "Shopping" Tab. That would make your searching process more simpler and improve the user experience. Now if you are trying to learn something new, then definitely "Shopping" tab would not be useful instead you can make use of the "Videos" tab for it.

Learn To Get Smarter With Google SERP

2. Make Use Of Proper Quotes:

Generally, when the query is fired, Google search throughand uses the words enter to scan the documents and sort the links or webpages that contain those words. it is not necessary that these words are in exact order.Now when you make use of quotes then Googlebots would be able to find the webpages that contain exact quoted words in particular order. For example, this would come handy when you are searching for song lyrics or motivaional/positive quotes or recipes etc.

Learn To Get Smarter With Google SERP

3. Making Use Of Hyphens:

Google search engines will help you to recognize different symbols to perform certain actions. For instance the use of hyphen "-" in the various website content and URL had become quite trending. Because Google can easily recognize different symbols. It is very simple, effective strategy.

Learn To Get Smarter With Google SERP

4. Search History Makes The Work Easier:

In case if you have searched something through the Google SERP and wan to find it again, then make use of your own Google search history. But this would also require you to have a Google account. Once you have that, you can go to http://google.com/history to see all of your prior searches. This is great for finding those searches you made before without doing it all over again.

Learn To Get Smarter With Google SERP

5. For Doing Specific Site Search - use colon:

It might happen that you need to search something specifically on a particular website. Maybe you want to checkout some score on the ESPN website or a specific article, what would you do? Use the syntax that you can see in the screenshot. This is possible only when you are specifying the website when searching for the term. This Google SERP tip is actually good when you are trying to find certain places without even searching for them everywhere.

Learn To Get Smarter With Google SERP

6. Defining Words:

Make Google search your personal dictionary. To elaborate it, ask Google search to define a words and it will show the literal meaning of the word.This would be great for checking the spellings or you can ensure that whether you are using the word correctly. It will be helpful if you are playing games like Scrabble, Boggle or WordChart or any other game where you regularly make use of words.

Learn To Get Smarter With Google SERP

7. Searching For price Range:

This is one again an interesting trick to workout with Google Search. if you want to search something within a specific price range then make use of two period (..). Between these two periods you can search for items in a particular range. This is great for finding things in your price range when shopping for items.

8. Make Use Of Asterisk If You Are Not Knowing The Complete Word:

It might happen that we are searching for a phrase but fail because we do not know it entirely. In such cases you can make use of asterisk (*) instead of using a wrong word in the phrase. Google search is smart and will figure it out for you within few seconds. This would be absolutely amazing if you are trying to know the lyrics of some song.

9. Setting The Timer:

If you search to set a timer then you can ask the search engine to set a timer for you. This is great when you have the laptop in the kitchen and you either can’t find your timer or it’s broken.

10. Searching For Two Things Simultaneously:

Using the word OR between two search terms you can search for both at once. This is helpful if you want to search for multiple terms at once, or if you’re not entirely sure what you need to search for. If you’re searching for multiple kinds of chocolate then why not search for both of them at once?

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