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How to Optimize for Google's Featured Snippets to Build More Traffic

How to Optimize for Google's Featured Snippets to Build More Traffic

If you are a website owner or digital marketer, you might be aware of the fact that it is getting harder and harder to build referral traffic from popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. (Although we all want traffic from Google)

The competition is getting tough day by day, hence it is very essential to make effective steps or measures to attract referral traffic. Now Google has moved past its ten blue links and the organic search result are no longer generating the desired traffic as it used to do earlier.

Now the question arises is how to adapt to the changes in Google’s algorithm so bring in enough traffic for the website. This blog will help you to optimize the content to one of Google’s most recent searches - Featured Snippet

Featured Snippets are selected search results that are generally featured on the top of Google’s organic result or Google’s SERP. Google’s featured snippet aims at providing answers to the user’s questions straight away. These are popularly known as the “Answer Boxes”. When your website’s content is getting featured it means that your website or brand is getting additional exposure in the Search Results Pages - SERP.

Different studies have shown the benefits of using a featured snippet.

  1. A report by Digital Marketing experts has shown that the Click-Through-Rate on the featured content has increased from 2 percent to 8 percent when the content is shown in the answer boxes. Hence increasing the revenue from organic traffic by 677 percent approximately.

  2. Another report has shown a hike of 20 to 30 percent in the website’s organic traffic through the clicks on the featured content for a query.

There are majorly 3 different types of Featured Snippet that appear on the Google SERP.

Paragraph Featured Snippet: It can be a box where the text is provided inside the box along with a small thumbnail size image.

List Featured Snippet: Your website content appears in the List Featured Snippet when it is in the form of a list.

Table Featured Snippet: Similar to the List Featured snippet, when the answer is given in the form of a table then it appears in the Table Featured Snippet.

According to Getstat, the most popular featured snippet is "paragraph" type:

You might be confused as not knowing whether your website have a fair and square chance of getting featured in Google’s SERP.

According to various studies and research, by AHREFs, it states that approximately 99.58 percent of pages that are ranking in the top 10 positions of Google get the chance of appearing in the Featured Snippet as well. So in case your website is ranking well in Google then your website content has a good chance of appearing in the Featured Snippet as well.

Another report from Getstat, states that about 70 to 80 % of the snippet content is fetched from the sites that are not in the first organic position.

Generally, the studies have shown the content that is shown in the Featured Snippet is through

  • DIY processes
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Mathematical
  • Requirements
  • Status
  • Transitional
  • Recipes
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s get to know what are some of the benefits of Featured Snippet and it is effective in bringing Website Traffic!

We already know that bloggers and publishers across the world are working hard to get their content visible in a featured snippet. Why is it so? Because it has some amazing benefits that can help in growing the amount of traffic hitting your website.

Featured Snippets Will Help In Increasing The Website Traffic:

This can be considered as the most obvious advantage of getting content in the Featured Snippet. Many agencies, organizations, business websites observe a sudden spike in the number of visitors when the content is visible in the Featured Snippet. The hike of the traffic can be analyzed by checking the webpage that received significantly higher visits.

Increasing The Conversion Cycle:

You can claim this as the most fruitful benefit of getting the content in the Featured Snippet. When a business website and attract its potential customers by simply answering a few questions then the chances of increasing the online conversion grow significantly.

For instance, if there is a local law firm that easily explains regarding divorce in a particular city or region then people can easily reach out to the firm and get their issues resolved.

Increasing Brand Awareness:

When your content is visible through Google’s Featured Snippet then it will not only get huge traffic but also brand awareness. Users become more and more skeptical when they are doing research through the internet. When the website’s content is written properly by inspecting all the resources then its credibility increases 4 folds. It will help to increase the CTR of the website and users will learn more about the company and brand.

Increasing The Domain Authority Of The Website:

Having a good domain authority is very essential for each and every website. It is Google’s one of the primary ranking factors that include the website’s domain authority. (The domain authority states how much Google trusts the website). There are certain factors on the basis of which Google determines the domain authority of the website. These factors are:

  • Backlinks of the website
  • Average Time Spent By Visitors On The Website - Page Sessions
  • Total Number of Visitors Of The Website - Traffic Coming To Website

Improvement In The Keywords Ranking:

With the help of Featured Snippet results, you can create a domino effect and link it to your other webpages. The increase in the number of keywords is not directly related but when the domain authority of the website increases then it triggers the main keywords that were used in the content visible in the featured snippet. When the ranking keywords increase in number then automatically the website will get more and more visibility in Google’s SERP. Make sure that your content is well optimized and keywords are properly highlighted.

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