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How To Make The Best Use of The Featured Snippet

How To Make The Best Use of The Featured Snippet

If you are having an online business, your main focus would be to ensure that your website is ranking at a good position in Google. You employ a wide range of parameters based on the on-page and off-page SEO that can improve the ranking of your website in Google SERP. Sometimes these tactics work and other times you find yourself failing miserably. Why is it so? Are you making any mistakes while planning the SEO strategies? Are there any important things you are forgetting to add in your website?

There are various things that have an impact on the way the website is ranking on Google SERP. Google always keeps refining the algorithms and ranking policies to maintain the standards of the search engines. It is also to ensure that people do not follow any unethical tactics to gain a better position in the search engine. Moreover, Google is also focusing on improving the way the results are being displayed on the Google Search Engine Result Pages. One of the best ways to display the results on Google SERP is to use Featured Snippets. But with the use of featured snippets, the links of the websites are pushed further down.

Is it good for you or not? How will you decide the best thing for you? How will you know more about the featured snippets? Will you be able to make the best use of featured snippets?

All your questions will be answered by the digital marketing experts of CoderzColumn. The experts have explored a lot of things about featured snippets and brought to you the best and most informative article that you can use for enhancing your knowledge.

If you are facing ranking issues, it can be easily resolved with the help of Featured Snippets. But you need to be particular about using the right strategies to implement featured snippets.

You have come across a lot of answer boxes and information boxes on the google Search Engine Result Pages, right? These are called the Featured Snippets. In the featured snippet, selective content is displayed that is fetched from the most prominent websites. The users do not have to visit the specific website page as the content is already available through the featured snippet. The placement of the featured snippets is strategically decided to provide better readability and experience to the users. The featured snippets are placed below the Google Ads and above SERP.

For example, the Featured Snippet below displays the direct content result from the webpage.

The different types of featured snippets are listed below.

Paragraph List Table Video Accordion Rich Answer Tool or Calculator


You can find the featured snippet content in the form of paragraphs. These content-formatted answers are the result of the search query entered by the user. It is considered as one of the most common types of featured snippets that usually cover up 50 to 60 percent of the results. This data has been reported by Moz in the year 2019.


When you can notice that the result of the search query is in the form of bullets or numbered list, it means that the answer is displayed in featured snippet format. You would see the list featured snippets for the content that are displayed in step-by-step format. Moz explains that this is another type of featured snippet that comprises 37 percent of the results.


When the result of the search query is provided in the form of a table - it is called a table featured snippet.


Video results that are displayed on the search engine result page are intended to answer the searcher's query in a visual/auditory format.


When you notice that the answers to the search queries are presented in the form of additional information that the searcher can choose to expand to learn more about. Most probably it will appear as a carousel.

Rich Answer

Have you ever observed the rich answer featured in the snippet? Short call-out in which the answer to the searcher's query is featured in bold along with additional information.These often manifest for questions that have factual, metric-based answers.

Tool or Calculator

When the answers to the search query are in the form of an interactive tool, you can consider it as a tool featured snippet. It is used as an interactive tool that can output user-specific answers.

Tools can appear for very high-level and concrete queries. Examples of tools that Google shows are calculators, conversions, time zones, weather, game scores, and more.

Tip #1: You Can Make Use Of SEMrush To Shortlist All Your Competitors:

You might have used SEMRUSH for checking the keyword ranking of your website, right? Sometimes, it is also useful to perform a complete website audit and get a report for it. But there are other beneficial features offered by SEMRUSH that you can use for improving the ranking in featured snippets.

SEMrush is a perfect analytics resource or tool that you can use to improve the website performance in terms of featured snippets. Besides, you can use it to find out the featured snippets? Through this tool, it would be easier for you to check out the featured snippets of your competitors and how they have earned this position in the “Featured Snippet” section.

  1. For checking out the featured snippet of the competitors, you just have to run the domain searhc and choose “Organic Research.”
  2. Once you have got the result, click the “Featured Snippet” button. (It is available on the right-hand side of the page).
  3. You can also choose “Advanced Filters” to choose specific keywords for which you need to know the featured snippet results. It will help you to get more optimised results.

With these results, you can get insights on how your competitors are earning a good position for the keywords. You can use the same keywords to improve your website ranking. You can use the same topics and keywords for displaying the results.

Tip #2: You Can Employ Google To Uncover Snippet Opportunities

Another way that you can use to find the best featured snippet is to use Google platform. Through Google, you would be able to optimise the content in a way that your audience will like. Through this platform, you would get to know how and what questions the audience is asking the questions for specific topics.

The digital marketing experts explain that you would have to put yourself in other’s shoes to improve your marketing tactics and get a good position in the Google SERP, featured snippet. When the audience is trying to find an answer to some concepts, the featured snippet would provide the result in the form of short paragraphs.

For all the queries, you can check the answers in the form of lists, series or even steps. Below all of this, you could see a section called “People Also Ask”. This is the most important section for you. You can click on it and check out all the answers that are listed in this section. You can use all those questions in your articles or blogs.

You can also use the “People Also Ask” Section for identifying your competitors and generating content ideas. Provide time and effort in reading about the questions, content and topics so that you can implement it in your blogs and articles.

If you want your website content to be featured in the snippet section, use as many questions as possible. The words how, when, what, where, why and who can improve the chances of the content appearing in the featured snippet. You can use the “Answer The Public” portals to provide a wide range of answers. You have the flexibility to choose the type of questions that people are asking every now and then.

For instance, if you want to learn about Java or Android, you can just type a simple question and get multiple suggestions. Through these suggestions, you can choose the topic that best suits your requirement.

Now that you have chosen the topic, you must know specific questions you need to employ in your article or blog - “What”, “How”, “Where”, “When”. Beside all this, you also need to perform keyword research so that the content becomes SEO-Friendly.

Tip #4: You Need Perform Extensive Keywords Research:

This is one of the most important parts of appearing in featured snippets. Without the use of proper keywords, you won’t be able to get the best results. Even if the content is high quality, the absence of keywords will make it difficult to appear in featured snippets. Keyword research should be conducted with the help of Google Adwords Tool and it will help in getting the best set of keywords based on the keyword volume and competitor rates.

If you are a digital marketer, you would know about the usage of Ahrefs, right? It is a wonderful concept that can help your business website to gain the best position in Featured Snippet. Usually, when you get a position in a featured snippet, it becomes easy to get multiple positions for different queries. While providing answers to any questions , you should structure it perfectly. The structure should help you to answer each and every question that is coming from the audience. It helps the audience when they can find all the answers in one place.

In this way, you can also increase the word count of your articles. When you are considering high quality content, word count of the blog/article matters a lot.

Tip #6: Stay Within The Optimal Word Count

Well, I just said that you should focus on improving to word count. But that doesn't mean that you can haphazardly keep increasing questions that are irrelevant. You should keep your sections tight and concise so that Google can easily feature your content. While creating sections, you can design lists, paragraphs or even content boxes. These are quite attractive and will help you to capture the attention of your audience.

Tip #7: You Can Add a “how-to” Section To Your Website

If you want your website content to get featured in the “Featured Snippet”, it is essential to have a “How-To '' section in the website. It will be a great opportunity for the content writers to attract millions of target audience with just a few strokes of “How Tos' ' in the website content. You will not just get your content to appear in the featured snippet but also generate high quality leads for the business. When people get solutions to their queries, they will have an inclination towards your website content and have a better opportunity to get in touch with your target audience. In the “HowTo” section, you have the flexibility to increase the number of Q&A and also increase the content length.


Featured Snippet are the great source of gaining valuable traffic to your website. Throguh these tips, you will be able to understand what type of featured snippet you can use to enhace the popularity of your website and drive traffic. Withouth proper traffic, your website is not going to grow, have conversion cycles and imporve the overall business revenue.

If you are unabel to understand any of the tips provided above, you can consult the best Digital Marketer in Surat. The experts will help you in understanding all the features and also ensure that you are implementing it in a perfect way.

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