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Digital Marketing Glossary- Understanding Organic Visibility _ SEO Visibility

Digital Marketing Glossary- Understanding Organic Visibility _ SEO Visibility

What Do You Mean By SEO Visibility?

In the Digital Marketing world, SEO visibility is considered as the metric compiled from numerous relevant search factors that are used to measure or calculate how visible is the website on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). It is also called as the organic results of the website. There are various websites that can help you in analyzing the SEO visibility of your website by providing a universal index for measuring and comparing the online performance of different domains.

How Is SEO Visibility Or Organic Search Visibility Is Calculated?

While calculating SEO Visibility of your website in SERP, it is important to consider the KPI and several other data points that include:

  • Information Of Search Volume Of Relevant Keywords
  • Ranking POsition Of The Website
  • Frequencies Of A Domain URL

These factors will help in understanding URL ranks for the keywords in the SERP of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Along with this, other dynamic data models such as CTR (Click-Through-Rate) are also used for calculating SEO Visibility of the website.

CTR - Click Through Rate, means that the results (or links) that appear on the top of the page get more clicks as compared to the results that appear below. Similarly, if a result is displayed with video snippet tends to get more preference than other results.

Your domain can get high SEO Visibility or Organic Visibility if:

  • The domain’s URL rank high on the list.
  • Your domain includes different URLs and they are all indexed with good ranking.
  • The domain’s keywords have high search volume.

What Insights Do You Get From Search Visibility?

SEO Visibility or Organic Visibility is generally a great indicator of how visible is a website in the organic search result pages or SERP when the user fires the queries. It is considered as an index that will make it possible to analyze different problems and identify the potential for optimization of the website or domain.

Moreover, it is possible to make a comparison of various different domains in terms of their performance on the search engine, whether they are displaying featured snippets of not, do the domain generate sitelinks. These are some of the factors that help in understanding the website’s online performance. Sometimes the Google’s ranking algorithms also plays a vital role in deciding the online performance of the website.

What Do You Mean By Historic SEO Visibility or Organic Visibility?

Historic visibility is considered as the constant re-evaluation and re-calculation of the website/domain with the help of various factors stated above. With the help of past data points, the domain can be used for analyzing the trend of the domain’s organic search engine performance within a specific span of time. This span of time can be a number of months, or years or decades.

With the use of historic Organic Visibility or SEO Visibility, you can easily analyze the domain’s progression over a period of time. It also depends on how old the domain is or the age of the domain. In addition to this, SEO Visibility also helps you to recognize the drastic changes that might have occurred in the time span. Historic Analysis of SEO Visibility enables you to understand technical modifications, penalties, and the impact of Google’s Ranking Algorithms.

SEO Visibility or Organic Visibility Doesn’t Show Actual Real Traffic - Why?

The domain data shown in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) is based on the keywords for which the website is ranking. The keywords used are based on the search query fired by the user. For instance, if the user searched for “Seo techniques for the website”, then the data will be shown for the keywords - SEO Techniques, Website. Now even if your website is ranking for different highly competitive keywords it won’t be shown in this particular search result. This is also depended on the traffic that a website is able to attract. Hence SEO visibility is not the actual traffic data but subjected to numerous factors. This visibility is calculated on the basis of specific keywords fired by the user.

Understanding Mobile SEO Visibility - Organic Visibility:

As you could understand from the term that it will Mobile SEO Visibility will help in understanding the growing significance of mobile-specific KPI and how it can be used to compare the performance of the website when the search queries are fired from the mobile devices. In order to conduct deep analysis and get hold of precise Mobile SEO Visibility data, there is a need to collect data from different smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Don’t be surprised when you witness a huge difference in the SEO visibility from the desktop devices and smart devices for the same keywords.

Local SEO Visibility:

The visibility of the domain or website is also dependent on the geological targetting of the website. If the domain or website is built with an aim to attract potential users across the globe then global visibility will be significant but if the website is based on local traffic then local SEO visibility will provide useful data. This is completely based on a certain city or region (state or country) a domain is targetting.

This is analyzed or measured for the websites or domains that make use of Adwords for Google SERP. The domain will gain visibility from the Paid Ads that are displayed on the Google Search Result Pages. With the help of Paid Visibility, you can analyze the website’s search volume and CPC for specific keywords. These keywords are promoted through Google Ads in Desktop and Mobile Search Result Pages.

Important Points To Consider:

The SEO Visibility Or Organic Visibility of the domain helps in displaying the visibility of a website in different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The calculation is based on the range of different data sources and the dynamic keyword set.

The considerable data includes the search volume of the keyword, the domain age of the website and CTR of the traffic distribution.

SEO Visibility/Organic Visibility is not the real traffic index indicator. It just displays the historic and current visibility of the domain in various Search Engine’s Result Pages.

You can have the flexibility of analyzing the Mobile Visibility of the website as well. It will be helpful in measuring the significance of search queries from mobile devices.

You can also easily differentiate Domain’s global and local SEO visibility on desktop devices as well as mobile devices.

Consider Paid Visibility is another KPI indicator that shows the visibility dependence of a domain on paid advertising in SERP.

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