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Complete Guide For Alexa Ranking

Complete Guide For "Alexa Ranking"

Rank in Google Search Result Pages is one of the most important things that everyone is looking forward to - whether you have a blog website or a business website, whether your company website belongs to a small-scale company or a large-scale company. The one thing that everyone is looking forward to is gaining a higher position in Google. Getting a higher rank in Google SERP is essential because that is the most basic as well as an effective way of getting huge traffic for the website. Ranking higher by the search engine bots will make your website a success. But how will you improve the ranking of your website? Well, you might have come across a lot of factors or parameters that will help you in improving the ranking of your website but what if you want to check the rank of your website?

Monitoring the rank of the website is quite essential and there are multiple metrics that can help with it. But what is one of the best platforms that will help in monitoring the rank of the website? - Alexa Rank!

When you are thorough with the Alexa Rank platform - when you have a complete understanding of all its parameters, you will be able to improve the traffic of your website.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to take a plunge in the digital marketing world and improve the visibility as well as the ranking of your website.

So let's start by understanding everything about Alexa Rank.

What Exactly Is Alexa Rank? (Brief Definition)

Just like any other ranking metric, Alexa Rank is an online platform that helps in calculating the rank of the website in search engines. The calculation is performed on the basis of the estimated average daily unique visitors and number of page views for a given site over the past 3 months.

Due to the effectiveness of the Alexa Rank, it has become really popular among digital marketers, business analysts, and various others. A simple thing that you need to understand for your website is that the lower your Alexa rank, the more popular the website is.

Now let's get to know what are the important parameters that you will be learning through this article

  • What is Alexa Rank? (Extended)
  • How Is Alexa Rank Calculated?
  • Is Alexa Rank Considered To Be Accurate?
  • How To Make Effective Use Of Alexa Rank?

So basically, if you consider Alexa rank as an online platform that helps in understanding the global ranking system (and a subsidiary company of Amazon.com). Alexa Rank makes use of the web traffic data in order to list your website as popular or not. It will provide an Alexa rank that shows whether your website is performing well or not.

Complete Guide For 'Alexa Ranking'
Complete Guide For 'Alexa Ranking'
Complete Guide For 'Alexa Ranking'
Complete Guide For 'Alexa Ranking'
Complete Guide For 'Alexa Ranking'

Now, let's understand how Alexa Rank Works.

In What Way Alexa Rank Works?

Alexa rank makes use of the webs traffic of your website to calculate the ranking or popularity of the website. Besides this, the Alexa rank also monitors whether the users/visitors are engaging with the website or not, and this data is usually calculated for the latest 3 months. So the main two parameters based on which the Alexa Rank works is - Traffic & Engagement. The toolbar of the Alexa Rank will also consider the browsing behavior of the visitors of the website before declaring the final rank.

If you consider the functioning of Alexa's Official website, you will get to know that the ranking of the website is calculated by using a combination of estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site over the past 3 months. So when we are explaining it to you, it is nothing different and exactly what is claimed by Alexa Rank.

The Alexa Rank has a specific ranking algorithm that focuses on auditing the website completely and then calculating the overall frequency of visits. You might be thinking that there would be multiple users or visitors who are visiting the website multiple times a day. So this might increase the number of website visits in a day. Isn't it? Well, that is true! But if the same visitor or user is making use of the particular platform again and again in a day, then it will be considered as a single visit.

The parameters used for measuring a site's individual ranking is based on two items:

  • Unique daily visitors: the traffic/number of Alexa users visiting a site in a day.
  • Average pageviews: number of times a particular page or URL is viewed by Alexa users.

With the help of these parameters, you would get to know that the website that has the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews is ranked Number 1.

The algorithm used by Alexa Rank is so effective and efficient that it will look for potential biases and amends its ranking process to ensure that compensation is performed for the visitors who are not included in Alexa's measurement panel. Besides this, Alexa also considers and sources third-party data to give a broader view of internet users.

Can We Consider Alexa Rank To Be Accurate With The Results?

Well, the people who are regularly making use of Alexa Rank are always in a dilemma whether the results shown by Alexa are to be considered accurate or not.

If you consult the expert digital marketers then they will not just provide a statement but show you the results based on which you can make an informed decision. When you are comparing multiple website's ranking or their popularity on the Alexa Rank and then store the data. Now compare the same websites of other websites that claim to provide accurate data for the website ranking, their performance, and their popularity such as Google Analytics. When both the data are compared you will get to know that the results of Alexa Rank are slightly different from that of Google Analytics. But this difference is not because Alexa Rank does not provide accurate results, it is due to the fact that the parameters used by google analytics for measuring website performance or popularity are different from that of Alexa Rank. So you need not worry about the accuracy and precision offered by Alexa Rank. Moreover, Google analytics also has a wider coverage as compared to the Alexa Rank platform, and thus there would be a change in the results of both the ranking results.

Now that you have understood the accuracy level of Alexa rank, you need to understand its working as well.

How Does Alexa Rank Work? How Is The Popularity of The Website Measured? How Well The Parameters Work While Checking The Alexa Rank?

If you consider the official website of Alexa Rank, you will get to the data page where you will be able to understand the working of Alexa rank. The ranking used by Alexa is etched from various places and then combined together to get the perfect metric calculation. Alexa Rank would check the number of unique visitors that are visiting your website on a daily basis. This data is collected for at least 3 months. Along with that, the Alexa rank parameters would also consider the pageviews that your website has received within the 3 months' time. After combining all the data, if you are getting the highest number of unique visitors as well as page views then your website would be ranked number '1'.

Alexa Rank will also collect data from other places such as browsers used by the visitors to access your website - Google chrome, safari, Firefox, or Opera. When all the data is combined, the Alexa Rank would employ various ranking algorithms on the data to eliminate all the biases and generate an extremely accurate result of the website ranking. Sometimes Alexa Rank also makes use of the third-party tracking platforms to ensure that the ranking calculations are perfect and do not lead to any biased data.

Point To Note: You must understand that Alexa rank would not consider different tracking for your main website and various sub-domains. The ranking would be considered as a whole and not different for different pages.

Now that you have got a complete understanding of the Alexa ranking, it is the right time to understand how to make effective use of the Alexa Rank.

  • #1 You can make Use Of Alexa rank To Compare The Ranking Of websites That belong to the same niche: When you are comparing the ranking of the websites that belong to the same niche, you will be able to know about your competitors and understand whether they are doing better than your website or not. Moreover, you will get to know where you stand in the market.

  • #2 Understanding The Performance/Popularity of The website; well, another important thing that you can do with the Alexa Rank is to understand the performance of your website based on the data you are receiving on a regular basis. The metrics will help you to know whether your rank is improving or not.

  • #3 You Can Measure The Commercial Potential Of Your website: With the help of Alexa Rank, you are able to know the amount of traffic your website is getting on a daily basis. If it is more than 10,000 then you can analyze that your website is having enough potential to capture the attention of the leads and convert them into customers.


Alexa Rank is not a very complex online tool. You can easily reach out to the website and check the performance of the website by making use of all the metrics available on the platform. Based on the results you have received, you can conveniently understand whether your website needs improvement and if yes, in what direction. So what are you waiting for - just get started!

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