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5 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

We are dwelling in the digital era and digital marketing is one of the trending subjects. Along with digital marketing, affiliate marketing is also growing in demand. People are actually learning new skills, becoming an expert, and earning from them. Businesses in the digital era are embracing affiliate marketing to skyrocket their online sales. Earlier, it was difficult for businesses to integrate affiliate marketing into their business strategies. There were no affiliate marketing experts nor anyone with the clarity of the concept. But today, it is simple yet convenient. In the current scenario, the websites support affiliate marketing and help in boosting the overall sales of the business. Before you dive into the plugins and how they can help you with affiliate marketing, understand what it is all about.

What Do You Mean By Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to the technique in which an individual (an affiliate) earns money ( it is basically a commission) for promoting and marketing another organization’s products and services. The affiliate has the flexibility to choose the best product or services of the organization they want to promote. So they will just search for the product on your website and market it in their own way. When the product or services are sold via their marketing efforts and platform, the affiliate earns the commission. Businesses can know about the sales by tracking the affiliate links used by the affiliate.

The affiliate can get paid in various ways, you just have to know which one would be the most suitable for you.

There are three ways the affiliate gets its commission:

  1. Pay Per Scale
  2. Pay Per Lead
  3. Pay Per Click

1 Getting Paid Per Sale:

Well, this is one of the most common ways in which the affiliate gets the commissions. It is also considered as one of the most standard affiliate marketing structures that most of the affiliates use. In this technique, the merchant is liable to make the payment for the sale of the products and services. The affiliate does not get the entire amount at which the product was sold, but a percentage of the amount that was already decided by the merchants. Besides this, the affiliate should also get the investor so that they can invest in the products and services (that are in demand) and ensure that they do not get compensated.

2 Getting Paid Per Lead:

This is another type of affiliate marketing and a more complicated system. It is also called the pay-per-lead affiliate program. In this technique, the affiliate makes the payment or compensates the affiliate based on the conversion of leads. By leads, it is always meant the clients or customers. The affiliates have to persuade or encourage the customers to visit the merchant’s website or online store and accomplish the actions. Now this action can be anything from purchasing the products, filling up the contact forms, subscribing to the channels, taking part in the discussion forums, and downloading the software. Once the lead or the consumer completes the action, the affiliates get paid.

3 Getting Paid Per Click:

When the affiliate is getting paid per click, it is based on the incentives of the programs. In this method, the affiliate will have to encourage the consumers to visit the merchants’ website. In simple words, the affiliate has to engage the consumers on the merchant website and then get paid for it. If you help the merchant’s website to boost the web traffic, your payment percentage increases.

Many website CMS platforms are offering a wide range of plugins that support making affiliate marketing easy and convenient. The best CMS for the e-commerce website is WordPress. Through this blog, we will be sharing some amazing plugins that can help you with affiliate marketing and skyrocket your online sales. With the help of these plugins, you will be able to promote the business brand through the products and services. You can easily reach out to your target audience and have endless lead sources.

For this article, the best digital marketer of CoderzColumn has done the research and narrowed down the very best WordPress affiliate plugins for you.

Here’s a table of contents if you want to jump ahead to the best WordPress affiliate plugins:

  1. Pretty Links
  2. AffiliateWP
  3. MonsterInsights
  4. Easy Affiliate
  5. Thirsty Affiliates

1 WordPress Plugin For Affiliate Marketing - Pretty Links:

You might be thinking why Pretty LInks. But the features it offers to make the affiliate simple and efficient is the reason behind its popularity. It is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugins. With the help of Pretty Links, you can convert the extra-long and ugly affiliate links into something much easier to remember. With this, you have the opportunity to create an impact on the visitors. It lets you add links to your posts in just minutes.

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

Here are some of the features offered by Pretty Links:


  • Easy to Use - Pretty Links is one of the most user-friendly WordPress referral plugins. It is best if you are a beginner.
  • Offers Immense Flexibility - The plugin is extremely compatible with the best responsive WordPress themes.
  • Analytics - You can easily include the built-in performance metrics with the help of this plugin. You have the flexibility to analyze and keep track of what’s happening with your links.
  • Pretty Bar - This is a cool application that is offered by the plugin. It is helpful in branding and advertising your links to the customers.
  • Automation - Well, automation is something we all are looking forward to. With the help of automation, you can speed up your marketing automation with an auto-linking feature that adds specific affiliate links to certain keywords automatically.
  • Supports Redirects - This lets you manage server-side redirects and 404s

The plugin will cost you something but be sure that it will not burn your pocket. The money you invest in this plugin will be worth it.

Cost: Starts at \$79/year

2 WordPress Plugin For Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate WP:

AffiliateWP is yet another plugin offered by WordPress that helps in making your affiliate marketing process simple and convenient. With the help of this plugin, you can easily create a full-featured affiliate program on WordPress. When you are using the AffiliateWP plugin, you get an unlimited number of affiliates. Besides, you also get the creatives for faster, more effective promotion of products and services offered by your website. It also comes with reliable, advanced affiliate and referral tracking.

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

Here are some of the features offered by AffiliateWP:


  • Integrations - With the use of AffiliteWP you have the flexibility to connect to a wide range of tools. This will include WPForms and other WP plugins. WPForm is considered the best contact form plugin in the world.
  • Affiliate Management - Looking for simple affiliate registration? You should choose Affiliate management. You have the opportunity to approve requests manually or automatically and make the process simple. It helps in saving your time and lets people continue into the affiliate area right away.
  • Real-Time Reporting - The reports offered by AffiliateWP will help you to stay on top of your affiliate campaigns. The reports are real-time and you can glance on the graphs and data easily.
  • Link Generator - AffiliateWP allows you to use this in-built referral link generator to easily develop convenient and easy links that are ready to use.
  • Payouts Service - With this service, you have the flexibility to pay your affiliates without any interference in the system. The payment directly reaches the bank accounts or debit cards in a few clicks.

Cost: Starts at \$149/year

3 WordPress Plugin For Affiliate Marketing - Monster Insight:

Well, you might be making money through your website in different ways. But it is always essential to track Google Analytics. You can make use of MonsterInsight by integrating it with the Google Analytics tool. It is also considered as one of the best WordPress plugins that the affiliate marketers can use to track the affiliate links. Apart from this, you can use the report feature that helps you in analysing the performance of the affiliate links. Moreover, you can decide how the campaigns are performing.

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

Here are some of the features offered by MonsterInsight:


  • Compatibility - With the plugin MonsterInsight, you have the provision to link it to other accounts that use it for affiliate marketing.
  • In-Depth Reports - The reports will help you in knowing what are your highest earning pages and most profitable traffic sources.
  • Easy to Use Dashboard - The dashboard provided by MonsterInsight is convenient and easy to understand even for those who aren’t trained in Google Analytics.
  • Powerful Support -A raved-about support team is there to help you when you need it.

The cost of the MosnterInsight depends daily on what you choose - a regular version or a pro version. Cost: Starts at \$99.50/year with the pro version priced at $199.50/year

4 WordPress Plugin For Affiliate Marketing - Easy Affiliate:

It is a too-good WordPress plugin that you can use for affiliate marketing. It is derived from two different WordPress plugins - Pretty Links and MemberPress. The Easy Affiliate plugin works in a perfect and efficient manner when you are combining it with other tools. The plugin is used to shorten the affiliate links so that they can be used for referral programs.

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

Here are some of the features offered by Easy Affiliate:


It Is The Best Affiliate Plugin For The Beginner- A User-Friendly Plugin—You get an easy-to-use dashboard. With this dashboard, you can easily track all the affiliate and outbound links of the website.

  • Instant Setup - You do not have to break your head for the installation and activation of the plugin. It can be performed just within minutes. Once done, you can have a fully functioning affiliate program for your WordPress website.
  • Charts - You have the provision to customize a wide range of graphs including the performance graphs. With customization, you can easily get the best out of data visualization. You can analyze all the clicks, payments done by customers, and conversion sales.
  • Shopping Cart Integration - Manage and view one-time and recurring payments from places like PayPal, Authorize.net, and more.

Cost: Starts at \$99.50/year

5 Thirsty Affiliates:

Well, by the name you can ensure that this WordPress plugin is all about affiliates, managing them. With the help of this plugin, you can easily convert the huge affiliate links into a perfect link. It is popular because of the wide range of features it has to offer you.

5 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers


  • Dynamic Reports - You have the provision to analyze the reports of the affiliate links and go through the statistics on your referral link. This will include all the clicks and campaigns.
  • Organization - You have the flexibility to categorize and organize your affiliate links and stay on top of your affiliate campaigns.
  • Images - This is something really amazing. You have the flexibility to add banners and photos to your links or link images.
  • Easy Replacement - This feature offered by Thirsty Affiliate will help you to manage the affiliate links in a robust manner. You can find and replace all the affiliate links conveniently from your ThirstyAffiliates panel.
  • Automation - Replaces assigned keywords with links automatically.

You might think that the Thirty Affiliate is costly but it is worth the money you are investing in it. Cost: Starts at \$49


Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and effective ways to grow your business. It helps in increasing the conversion rates and improving overall business revenue. If you want the affiliate marketing approach to be converted and easy, you can use the affiliate marketing plugins offered by WordPress. These are the best plugins you would ever find with other CMS or frameworks. For more updates on Digital Marketing, stay tuned to the CoderzColumn Digital Marketing Blog. You can reach out to the best digital marketer and get all your digital marketing and SEO issues resolved within no time.

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