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Best WordPress Plugins For Improvising Website Content

Best WordPress Plugins For Improvising Website Content

What is the most essential part of a website?

Today’s thought: It will give a boost to your mental ability. What is the first thing that attracts you when you come across a website? What is the element of a website that attracts you the most? What brings you to the website repeatedly? Different individuals will have different answers to it. Some might say the design of the website, the layout, the colors, the slider images, etc.

You might say a lot of things, but the most essential thing is “Content” - website content. Website content is the most essential component of a website that can attract visitors, keep them engaged, increase the sales and conversions of the website. If you have great content on the website, it can be guaranteed that the number of visitors will increase. Although, it will take some time and you need to be patient. But besides all the components, content is the crucial aspect. So how will you ensure that your website gets the best content ever? You can hire the best content writing freelancer or use tools that help you with content. Today, in this article we will share some of the best online plugins that you can use for improvising website content. These are WordPress plugins and have numerous benefits. You can check out all the WordPress plugins and ensure the best one for yourself.

The plugin you choose will help you in drafting the best content ever. It will ensure that the content is error-free and extremely engaging. All you have to do is to use the WordPress plugin smartly and reap the benefits offered by it. We have checked all the WordPress plugins for content and developed this comprehensive checklist for you. Still, you might feel confused while making the final selection of using the plugin. While choosing the right WordPress content plugin, you need to check the entire plugin directory. With the information, you will understand the most important features of the plugin including - speed, user-friendliness, security level. Besides this, ensure that using the plugin should not increase the load on your website speed.

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Check out the entire list of WordPress Content Plugin:

#1 Word Stats:

One of the best and most effective WordPress plugins for improving your website content. You can consider “Word Stat” as a bouquet of word counters, readability analytics, and keyword counters. Whenever you come across the word “Linguistic diagnostics” - “Word Stat” is the WordPress plugin is what you’ll remember. You can easily install and activate the plugin Word Stat plugin in WordPress. This is basically a WP robot tool. With the help of this tool, you can have easy access to all the other tools and plugins available for improving the WP content. You can also say that you can improve the overall quality of WP content with WordPress tools and plugins. While using the Word Stat plugin, you wise the report and analysis section to the most. You can analyze the content written by all the authors added in WordPress. The information you gain through the report page of Word Stat are listed below:

  • Word count.
  • Post types are broken down by number and percentage.
  • Top 20 keywords.
  • A graph showing monthly word count per post type.

Besides this, you will get a perfectly designed diagnostic table. The table will link you to older as well as new posts. This will be the list of all the content or blog posts that need urgent attention. The plugin will not allow you to publish the content on the website or share it on social media until the errors are not cleared. The plugin will help you to draft content that is engaging and attracts the attention of the visitors.

You will get the insights of the keywords that are difficult to understand by the users, too-short keywords, too long keywords, etc. You can improve these keywords and then use them on the WordPress website. Understand that the way in which your content is perceived is dependent on the quality.

#2 PrePost SEO

It is a WordPress plugin that helps in getting insights into plagiarism, keyword density, duplication of keywords broken links present in the content, optimization of meta tags, images, alt tags, and various other things. When you are trying to improve the WordPress content, there is nothing you cannot use the plugin for. Whether you want to eliminate plagiarised content from your website or understand the keyword density, this plugin is there to help you. If you want to know about the top features available with the plugin, check it out now!

  • Link counter.
  • Pinpoint any broken links in your text.
  • Calculate keyword density.
  • Analyze meta tags.
  • Suggestions on how to improve your content.
  • Post title optimization.

All the above functionalities are offered by the PrePost SEO plugin. You can easily install the PrePost login in WordPress and activate it for your use. You can use the tool or plugin to improvise your content and then get it published on the website.

#3 Editorial Calendar:

Have you ever tried working with Editorial Calendar? Editorial calendar is yet another content-supporting plugin that helps in improving your content. With the help of the Editorial calendar, you can visualize all the posts just by using the drag and drop method. You can manage the posts on your WordPress website just with few clicks. Sometimes while rafting the content for your website, you become so engrossed that you completely forget about the organization, scheduling, and content management. The organization of the content, proper scheduling and overall content management is as essential as drafting full-fledged content for your website. With the help of editorial content, you can guarantee that the content published on the website will be fresh and engaging. Want to know about the best features of the Editorial Calendar plugin? Check it out now.

  • You have the flexibility to view all your posts, including when they are scheduled to be published.
  • You can make use of the drag and drop capabilities to use the elements for your purpose.
  • You can have easy access to the status of each post.
  • Editorial Calendar provides you the flexibility to manage posts from multiple authors.

Well, if you are having high-quality content lying just as a draft in your WordPress website, then it is of no use. Install the WordPress plugin to manage, organize and schedule the posts. Although it is the most important thing to have a killer post on your website. But ensuring that it is shared with the right audience at right time is more important.

#4 WP Keyword Suggest:

Well, you can understand the functionality of the plugin just by looking at that name. Just like Yoast SEO, the WP keywords suggest will help you with the keywords that can be used in the website. The keywords are fetched from autocomplete Google platform Bing and even Yahoo. You get almost 250 varied keyword ideas. You can use these keywords to improve your content. It is one of the easiest plugins offered by WordPress that is far better than Google’s Adwords or Keyplanner. With this, you can understand the type of primary keywords that you must use for the website. You can also consider this plugin as a keyword research plugin. The Keywords suggested by WP Keyword Suggest will assist in improving your content - strengthening it and making it more engaging. The plugin will help you to generate long-tail keywords that are considered high-ranking words by the Google search engine bot.

WP Keyword Suggest is not the most advanced Yoast SEO plugin, but when it comes to creating better content, it’s definitely worth a second look.

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