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List Out The Best Shopify Plugins To Optimize The E-commerce Website

List Out The Best Shopify Plugins To Optimize The E-commerce Website

What is the most profitable business in today's world? Most of you would say e-commerce. Well, that's right. The e-commerce business is one of the profitable businesses but only when you are following certain rules of the digital world. To make your e-commerce business, you need to have a perfect e-commerce platform that helps in increasing the revenue of your e-commerce business. Shopify. The only name that strikes your brain when you think of an e-commerce business.

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms that supports you in launching an optimized online store. It has more than 500,000 business merchants that use Shopify to launch its online store. Shopify provides a lot of tools and features that help the users to run the online stores perfectly. With Shopify, you do not have to worry about anything, The platform handles everything for you, right from design, development, adding products, payment pages, checkout, shipping, etc. When you are using Shopify for setting up your online store, you can make your e-commerce website stand out from the crowd and gain an online reputation. When you have a high online reputation in the digital market, it becomes easier for you to promote your brand to your target audience.

For that, you can make use of a wide range of plugins available at the Shopify App Store. The plugins are free as well as premium. You can choose the best ones you want for your website. When there are several plugins available to be used, it becomes daunting to choose the best one. But you need not worry about it anymore. We have sorted the best Shopify plugins that you can use to optimize your e-commerce website.

The list of plugins you find is based on the research conducted by expert developers, business analysts, and digital marketers in the year 2021. Go through all the important plugins that can help you to customize your website in order to drive sales, increase web traffic, business revenue, and brand name.

1. Shopify Plugin - HubSpot CRM

With the help of HubSpot CRM, you have the flexibility to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers. But apart from all this, there is something more important. Do you know what is it? The plugin is 100% free, forever. Shopify offers this great plugin to the users (business merchants) free of cost. You can use the Hubspot Shopify plugin to integrate the online store with Hubspot. Through the integration, you have the provision to customize the marketing campaigns and generate revenue for the online store. You can even automate the marketing strategies by sending out emails to the old and new customers. It is a great way to build strong customer relationships. You can inform the customers who have abandoned their shopping cart as a form of reminder. Through the Hubspot CRM, you can increase the interactions with the customers, monitor the data, and make informed decisions for your business.

2. Shopify Plugin - Sendinblue for Shopify

Have you heard the phrase “Money is in the list”? It is a phrase that may sound familiar to you as it is used in the marketing world. This phrase is used when you are generating leads through your marketing tactics and converting the leads into potential customers. The job of this plugin is to create an email list of your leads and help you to nurture them.

The Sendinblue plugin for Shopify is wonderful and packed with all the right features to optimize your online store. The plugin is free to use by everyone . the best aspect is that you do not require any type of coding skills to implement the plugin and use it according to your requirement.

The plugin will help you to analyze different emails that you have received through the website. You have the provision to segregate the emails based on different categories. With this, you have a greater chance of enhancing your marketing statistics and understanding how to nurture the captured leads. Moreover, you have the chance to be in touch with your old and new customers. You can easily install and set up the plugin without any hassle.

3. Shopify Plugin - Spocket

Spocket is one of the best Shopify plugins that help in optimizing your e-commerce store according to your preferences. This plugin will help you to make your business easy and fast. You can have convenient drop shipping in the US and EU. sprocket offers a marketplace where you can search for the ideal products based on the right parameters. Moreover, this plugin will help you to list out the suppliers that have locations closer to the customer’s store location. It will support you in reducing the overall shipping time and delivering the products in a short time span.

Spocket automates the Shopify dropshipping functionality. It has got a one-click import feature. With this feature, you can easily import all the descriptions and images of the products. As a business merchant, you can even rely on the order completion functionality offered by the customers. Therefore, the developers have designed the Spocket plugin to work with real-time inventory updates. It is the best plugin for big merchants.

4. Userlike

Are you having a feature of live chat on your e-commerce website? If not, you are losing out majorly on your customers. Having live chat increases the chances of getting in touch with your customers. Do you have the opportunity to know what they are looking for? You can understand whether they are liking your products and services or not. Besides this, you have the provision of promoting your business brand through chat portals. Userlike is the best Shopify plugin to integrate the live chat feature into your website. Userlike provides a leading solution to all your lead capturing issues.

With the help of Userlike, you can get the email address, phone number, and other contact details of the visitors. You can even consider them as your leads. All you have to do is to make the right use of the information for increasing the customers and revenue cycle of your business. You can implement the live chat feature on almost all the web pages, except the checkout. Apart from the live chat feature, Userlike offers various other features as well. You have the provision to customize the chat windows, route the messages to the CRM. You can even integrate the chat with WhatsApp to make the conversations easier.

5. Shopify Plugin - Plug-In SEO

Whether you have an official business website, a blogging website, or an e-commerce website, SEO is the most important thing to increase your reach. Without proper implementation of SEO parameters, you cannot succeed in increasing the visibility of the website in the Google SERP. With the best practices of SEO, you can enhance the website ranking and gain good visitors. To date, there are more than 90 thousand active users of the plugin. The plugin will help you to set up metatags (descriptions, keywords, and alt tags) on the website. It will be your SEO assistant and provide you alerts if you miss out on anything. You can have control over the speed and performance of the website.

6. Wishlist Plus

A wish list is one of the most important parameters of an e-commerce website. Usually, the website framework has the provision of a wishlist. But if you are not having one, you can use the plugin to integrate the wishlist feature into your e-commerce website. When you are having a wishlist feature on your e-commerce website, you can easily boost the sales of your business without putting in any extra effort. Therefore, you can make use of the WishPlus plugin to reap the benefits for your business. Business owners can use this feature to ensure that websites have good sales.

7. Returnly: Returns & Exchanges

Having an e-commerce store in the digital world is a very profitable business. But then you have to deal with the returns and exchanges as well. When customers purchase a product, it is not necessary that they will like the product. They might want to return it. The reason for returning the product can be varied based on the circumstances and customers. So you must have a return and exchange. You might go through statistics to know that almost 30 - 35 percent of products experience a return or exchange. If you are not having any flexibility for the return and exchanges, you can easily lose your customers.

That’s where Returnly: Returns & Exchanges comes in. With the help of the plugin, you can eliminate the friction that occurs while there is a product defect or any other tissue. The customer will not be happy with your services and are likely to never visit it again. The plugin will help you add the credit score to enhance the purchasing limit of the customers.


E-commerce stores are the greatest way to build your business revenue. It helps the business to gain online customers and generate high revenue. But this is only possible when you are making use of the right Shopify plugins. With the right plugins, you can easily increase the traffic on the website, capture leads, and convert them into potential customers.

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