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8 Best Practices for Advertising on LinkedIn

8 Best Practices for Advertising on LinkedIn [2020 Updated]

LinkedIn is an online platform that is always welcoming for professionals, business persons and innovators. The LinkedIn ads are created in the Campaign Manager where you can draft the entire campaign by following the step by step procedure.

In general, there are some best practices that you need to focus on to make your LinkedIn Ads more engaging for the viewers. This specific topic is slightly deep-diving and would be more relevant for the people who have already worked with Linkedin campaign ads. If you are a beginner then it is recommended for you to read our previous blogs

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CoderzColumn has listed some of the best practices that you can follow while Advertising on LinkedIn

1. Manage Web pages And Landing Pages

One of the most important things that are desired today is a seamless user experience. Your Ads have the potential to redirect the visitors to your website’s landing pages. But are you sure that your landing pages are capable enough to retain the visitors?

Always ensure that your website’s landing pages must be mobile-optimized and in-sync across all channels. You must try to maintain the same look and feel when the user visits your website from any source such as social media, google, emails or from your LinkedIn ads. Providing seamless experience to the user you can make sure that there is appropriate user-flow and you are driving the users to the desired call-to-action. In-case if you are using lead-generation LinkedIn Ads, then you should have minimum forms fields. This is beneficial as a user does not have much time to sit and fill out each and every detail.

Pro Tip: It would be great if you are just asking for an email id for the subscription.

2. Relevant Content Updation and Appropriate Messaging

The fact is that Facebook ads are not really relevant these days and people generally overlook those ads. But in the case of LinkedIn Ads, your target audience is quite professional. Hence they should actually get the context of your ad when they see for the very first time. The ads should help them to understand explicitly as if it is meant for them. The ads should have the potential to drive your target audience to the main landing pages that are designed to fulfill their set expectations. For instance, if your ad is aiming to provide the users with some downloadable E-books or PDFs then the landing pages should provide the preview of the copy and a download link for the user convenience.

8 Best Practices for Advertising on LinkedIn

3. Always AB test Your Ads Along With Variations

Generally, the AB Testing method is manual and it behaves differently as compared to any other platform. It is a proven fact that content rotation and creativity is very important in a successful campaign’s performance. You can test your ad creatives and ad copies for at least 7 to 10 days that will give you the exact idea as to which ad is performing better.

Pro Tip: It is generally recommended that you must have at least 4 running adS COPIES OR CREATIVES IN ONE CAMPAIGN. Therefore, it will help you to remove the worst performing campaign after 10 days time span.

8 Best Practices for Advertising on LinkedIn

4. Be Particular About Frequency Cap And Number Of Ads

In LinkedIn, your target audience can see up to 4 pieces of your unique sponsored ads but after every 48 hours. Hence having 4 copies would do justice to your entire campaign.

5. Choose The Right Target Audience And Size

To choose the right size of the audience you generalize how many audiences you need your ads to see. It can be easily understood that the more the number of target audience the better are the chances of getting clicks on your ads. Your aim should always be above 100,000 audiences to get the desired results or conversions. If you are narrowing the size of the audience then it would be really difficult to effectively show ads. Moreover, narrowing the audience reach also means that you would have to pay higher prices to be it CPC or CPM. Another factor is the niche you are choosing to show your ads.

Pro Tip: Try to apply around 2 to 3 filters to get the desired audience targeting.

8 Best Practices for Advertising on LinkedIn

6. Working Out The Bids & Auctions

In LinkedIn Platform, Cost per 100 impressions or Cost per Click are two major bid types. If you are selecting CPM then you want LinkedIn to show more impressions for which you would be charged. If you are selecting CPC, then you would be charged for the clicks you are getting on your ads.

Note: CPM strategy always works better than CPC in the long run, as it can easily sustain your budget even when the competition is high.

7. How To Retarget By Matching Your Audience

One of the most effective ways to retarget is to setup URL-based retargeting. This will work with a minimum threshold of 300 value. The larger the size the better are the results. Audience matching is generally available in the case of email-ids.

Pro Tip: Always avoid hyper-targeting. You can choose younger people as your audience as they can help you grow your business and act as a catalyst. These will influence the decision making of your business or organization.

8. Make Use Of Proper Campaign Demographics

8 Best Practices for Advertising on LinkedIn

Campaign demographics are a great way to help you to have a look at the insights around the industry, job title, seniority, designation. It has the capacity to provide significant results based on the details to put in and filter out. You can select the age-group, location, interests, sex, and type of profession or qualification. This will help you to have a proper understanding of your own business as well.

We hope you liked the tips and find them useful while creating your own business campaign on LinkedIn. Till then stay tuned to CoderzColumn!

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