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6 Best Instagram Marketing Tools Expert Digital Marketers Should Know

6 Best Instagram Marketing Tools Expert Digital Marketers Should Know

Have you come across random boomerangs created at coffee shops, bookstores, cafes, and restaurants? It is a wonder that is spread by Instagram. People are crazy for using the features of Instagram - you would see the trending videos (reels) and posts that are either created by any individual or business/organization. If everyone is reaping the benefits offered by Instagram, why are you lagging behind? It’s the right time that you understand the importance of Instagram features and use it to improve your business marketing strategies.

Instagram - The buzzword that is taking the world by storm. In the current scenario, you would notice that every individual, business (big or small), institution, and organization is taking the support of these social platforms to enhance their marketing strategies and ultimately get business growth. Instagram is providing hundreds of features that can be used by everyone. The very first is that you have a choice for the account type. You can have a personal account, professional account, or business account.

Besides this, you have options to create stories, reels, posts, and a lot more. You need to know what feature suits you the best and use it.

Through this article, I will help you to take a peek at the ways that can help you to grow your business through “Instagram”. There will be some amazing applications and online software that you can easily use to design, create, manage the Instagram account growth market. You can follow all the online software and applications and understand what would suit your the best.

Do not worry about trying out the features of these applications and software as they provide free plans or trial versions to the users.

Before you dive into the sea of Instagram software and applications, it is better to gain some insights about Instagram. What do you think Instagram is? Well, most of you would say that it is an online social media platform where you can find cool pics of almost everything you can name. There are products, services, quotes, short videos, and much more. But you must maintain a certain difference when you are using the Instagram account for personal use and for your business.

If you are not using the Instagram features just like your business profile, then you would fail. You must ensure that you are scheduling Instagram posts, reels, photos by making use of the right hashtag. Besides this, you should make use of the analytics feature that is offered in Instagram business accounts. If not, you won’t be able to gain the attention of your target audience. If you are unable to make the right changes in your Instagram business strategies, you will need help. It is essential to understand all the crucial hashtags and use mesmerizing images that can improve social karma.

Good thing there are tools for that kind of stuff…....

Introduction To Instagram Tools

With the help of Instagram tools, you would be able to see the growth of your business in the right direction. The tools will help you to gain new followers, and create a path for a passive income. If you are trying to get actual growth, defeat your competitors, the Instagram tools will come in handy along with other social media platforms.

That’s social media in a nutshell. That’s life too – people will always choose the better option (damn that’s dark for an Instagram tools guide).

Anyways, lucky for you it’s way cheaper and easier to use Instagram tools to grow a social media following than it is to improve yourself. So, here are the best tools on the market broken down into the most important categories including pricing.

Check Out The List Of Best Instagram Tools That Can Help You Gain Traffic And Generate Revenue

What Are The Best Instagram Tools For Management?

1. Hootsuite – The Best Social Media Management Tool

Will I Get a Free Trial For Hootsuite?

Free trial: YES.

What Are The Pricing Features Of Hootsuite?

Price: \$19 per month billed annually

What Do You Mean By Hootsuite - An Instagram Tool For Management?

Well, you can consider Hootsuite as a real-life-saver when it comes to promoting and marketing your business online. The features offered by Hootsuite make it the most popular and powerful Instagram tool that helps in the management of social media platforms. It can be used by small as well as large-scale businesses to understand social media and analytics. Some of the essential things that are available with Hootsuite are scheduling, messaging, monitoring, analytics, and advertising. You can integrate your Instagram account with everything.

What Are Essential Features Of Hootsuite?

  • You will get access to the most advanced Instagram planning and scheduling platform available

  • It is the best management tool that can be used for Instagram for big businesses with multiple accounts and users

  • The platform has got a simple and intuitive interface

  • You will get granular social insights to understand what is working (or not!)

  • Schedule your social posts in minutes

  • Mobile app included in pricing.

  • The tool will help you to brainstorm, plan, and schedule posts.

  • You will have the flexibility to develop a connection with Instagram marketing with all other social accounts (eg Facebook)

  • You will be able to easily promote any Instagram post on different social media platforms.

  • The tool helps in evaluating social content performance and even choosing the best influencers based on recommendations.

  • You can monitor my account comments, likes, and messages all from one place.

You have the flexibility to use Hootsuite as a solopreneur, but it’s really meant for big businesses and influencers. For the price, it’s a steal deal! Get It Now!

2. Agorapulse – It Is The Best Instagram Management Tool for Agencies

Will I Get a Free Trial For Agorapulse?

Free trial: YES.

What Are The Pricing Features Of Agorapulse?

Price: \$159 per month billed annually

What Do You Mean By Agorapulse - An Instagram Tool For Management?

Agorapulse is one of the best tools that has the qualities of a powerful social media management tool along with a project management app.

Agorapulse is good enough for the agencies who are trying to build their social presence in the market. The Agorapulse offers various functionalities such as planning, communicating, and reporting. For all these activities, you will never need email, messenger, or spreadsheets again.

What Are Essential Features Of Agorapulse?

  • Agorapulse has reasonable pricing plans for the agencies

  • You will be having access to the shared calendars are game-changing (explanation below)

  • A proven and popular platform (3,000 + agencies)

  • You can assign different users different roles based on the features – clarify workflows and allow clients to be part of the process.

  • The software offers a mobile app to schedule your posts on the go

  • You can easily and conveniently schedule your Instagram posts.

Agorapulse is like Hootsuite just better for agencies for a few key reasons:

What Are Shared Calendars In Agorapulse?

Most digital marketing experts consider this feature to be a game-changer. You will have the capability to turn generic content plans into collaborative workspaces. You can create different types of content calendars and share them with team members and clients. Through the content, the clients have the flexibility to accept/reject, leave comments, chat with team members, and assign back to you.

Agorapulse Offers Affordable Plans: Agorapulse’s pricing is quite affordable and less expensive than Hootsuite. Agorapulse helps in delivering the best and most affordable plans on an annual basis. The billing is usually starting at \$159/mo annually.(the prices are subject to change).

Easy Reporting: You would love this feature as it offers different types of reporting that can make your work easy and increase the value of the business in the eyes of clients. All you have to do is just click on the Instagram section and choose monthly reporting. You can even choose to provide reports on a weekly basis. Just choose what suits your business the best. The reports would be created instantly that displays followers, engagement, shares, and cool graphs.

If you’re a small to mid-sized agency having trouble managing clients, Agorapulse is a gamechanger. Better communication, better content plans, better reporting – it’s a no-brainer.

3. Crowdfire – The Best Instagram Content Curation Tool

Will I Get a Free Trial For Crowdfire?

Free trial: Free plan.

What Are The Pricing Features Of Agorapulse?

Pricing: Free – \$99.99/mo. Most users will pay \\$9.99/mo.

What Do You Mean By Crowdfire?

If you are looking for the most reasonable option for Instagram management, you can opt for this one. The tool will help you find the best content and even share it in a simple way. Crowdfire will help you to scan thousands of sources to get the targeted content. The content would be suggested to you based on your recommendations. This is the best tool for the solopreneurs as it will help you to the easiest, and fastest ways to grow.

What Are Essential Features Of Crowdfire?

  • You can easily save the time that goes into searching the content. The tool will do it for you.

  • You will be able to share highly targeted content instantly.

  • The tools will support tracking different types of mentions and comments in one dashboard that take place on your Instagram account.

  • You will be having access to the solid Instagram analytics.

  • Unbeatable pricing.

  • There is a provision of mobile app.

Crowdfire is the working man’s Instagram social media management tool.

What Will You Get With Crowdfire?

  • You will the best and most relevant content for you
  • The tool will help you to publish directly to your Instagram account
  • You will have the flexibility to schedule content in advance
  • The tool will help you to analyze content performance
  • You will get the help of the targeted hashtag recommendations
  • You also have the opinion to upgrade the features of the tool so that you can explore more. You can track mentions, likes, comments, and social messages from a neat dashboard.

The best aspect of this tool is that you can integrate it with Shopify, Etsy, and WordPress. Not sure what else you’d need as a small channel in the beginning. Crowdwork will help in eliminating the guesswork. You get content that you know will work and you get it right away.

Feel free to reinvest that time into content strategy, promotion, collaboration, or sleeping (hey rest matters too).

Click here to give it a try!

4 Tailwind – Do You Want A Smart Assistant For The Instagram App?

Will I Get a Free Trial For Tailwind?

Free trial: Free plan

What Are The Pricing Features Of Tailwind?

Price: Free – \$39.99/month (Also check for the annual charges)

What Do You Mean By Tailwind - An Instagram Tool For Management?

It is basically a content planner along with some social media features. You have the flexibility to optimize the social content and work as a content creation assistant.

With the help of the tool, you would visually plan, create, optimize, and publish eye-catching social content all based on smart recommendations. The tool is supported by AI functionalities so you would really love to use the tool for developing social media presence.

What Are The Essential Features Of Tailwind?

Here are some of the essential features that you will find with Tailwind.

  • Effortless planning from a visual interface
  • Automatically publishes at the optimal time
  • Example themes and posts for inspiration
  • Caption templates to sidestep writers' block
  • Built-in branded bio creator
  • Paid plans starting at \$9.99

Tailwind is basically a marketing, management, optimizer, personal assistant, and bio link tool rolled into one. Of all the smart assistant/planning platforms, this one is the most intuitive.

With just one tool, you will get a lot of things such as photo-artist, content planner, post optimizer, scheduling app, growth partner, and link bio creator.

Why Are People Using Tailwind?

Easy And Convenient Plan: The tool offers a perfect drag-and-drop editor along with a visual grid, smart time posting, scheduling up to a month in advance, and a ton more. You will find it easy to use.

Simplified Post Creation: You can create different types of posts for inspiration, caption templates, themes and prompts, post-type recommendations.

Convenient Post Scheduling: You have the flexibility to auto-publish to IG, advanced story and multi-image scheduling, hashtag scheduling.

The Best Way To Optimise Social Content: An awesome hashtag finder that multiplies your reach by finding unique, high-leverage hashtags for each post.

I highly recommend this to any individual or business that wants stunning Instagram content, with the best hashtags at the best times.

Click here to try it out!

The Best Instagram Marketing Apps

5. Keyhole – The Best Instagram Influencer Marketing Tool

Will I Get a Free Trial For Keyhole?

Free trial: YES

What Are The Pricing Features Of Keyhole?

Price: Starting from \$79.99/mo

What Do You Mean By Keyhole?

You might have come across this app or online tool multiple times. The features it offers to the customers/users has made it the most popular Instagram influencer marketing app.

You can use this tool for various purposes: discover, screen, connect with, and evaluate influencer performance to grow your Instagram brand the fastest, most cost efficient way possible.

What Are Some Of The Features Offered By Keyhole?

  • It is a fool-proof application for the Instagram influencer marketing – easy metrics, clean dash, simple evaluation.

  • You will get in-depth profile analytics tools.

  • All relevant data in real time.

The tool offers an influencer aggregator and it will help you to evaluate performance in one place.

Reviews About Keyhole

  • There are many digital marketing experts that consider Keyhole as one of the best instagram marketing tools that will help you to find and manage influencers.

  • Besides this, you would be able to track and measure the success of individual influencer campaigns.

  • You might feel that the pricing is quite high but it is completely worth the pay. If you want to see your business grow, then this is the best application you are use for marketing and promotion.

Understanding Keyhole In A Nutshell:

  • The tool will help you to find the best and most relevant Instagram influencers based on relevant hashtags. Most importantly, you will get the best engagement metrics. Then you compare them against each other. Once you get to the right features, it is just a cake walk.

  • With the help of Keyhole, you will be able to track everything they do – including how they talk about your brand – and provide simple metrics in a clean dashboard to evaluate them.

  • Keyhole is providing you opportunity to create festival campaigns, corporate functions to manage, create and enhance your experiences.

6. ShortStack – The Best Instagram Tool for Contests

Will I Get a Free Trial For Keyhole?

Free trial: YES

What Are The Pricing Features Of the Keyhole? Price: \$99 – $499/mo

What Do You Mean By ShortStack?

ShortStack is social media gamified.

If you consult expert digital marketers, ShortStack is one of the most efficient and effective for creating, running, and managing uber-high ROI hashtag contests. This tool will help you to collect and show off the best user generated content, interact with followers, choose winners, and watch your Instagram channel grow.

Besides this, you would be able to grow your followers, generate hashtags and and drive traffic to your business website.

What Are Some Of The Essential Features Of ShortStack?

  • You will be able to contests simplified
  • You will be able to run contests but there is no need for the landing pages or choose from landing page templates
  • You will get all the features in one place
  • Easy forms to collect more customer info

ShortStack is a tool that will have the easiest way to grow your Instagram channel with contests based on hashtags. You need to choose the right hashtags, create contests, monitor posts, interact with user-generated content, choose winners – that’s it.

If you are trying to run the content, all you have to do is choose hashtags, set up a landing page with your rules, provide a form to submit content, and watch as the content rolls in.

Doesn’t get much easier right?

Check it out here.


Now that you have understood the best Instagram tools for marketing, promotion and business growth. You can try out every tool and check which one suits you the best. If you are looking for the best digital marketing services in Surat, consult CoderColumn.

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