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Top 10 Interesting Blockchain Technology Project Topics for Beginners

Top 10 Interesting Blockchain Technology Project Topics for Beginners

Blockchain is a trending technology in the digital world. The increase in the demand for blockchain applications shows how technology is evolving at a faster pace. In the coming years, technology will experience a huge demand in every sector. Be it education, finance, construction, real estate, chemistry, or more. Due to this, students or you can say software engineers are consistently striving hard to gain hands-on experience on projects that include blockchain technology.

What You Will Learn From The Blog?

  1. How Does Blockchain Technology Have An Impact On The Digital World?
  2. 10 Out-Of-The-Box Blockchain Technology Project Topics For Students
    • Using a Smart Contract For A Trusted Crowdfunding Platform
    • Actual Location Data For Shipment
    • Ridesharing Approach For Peer To Peer
    • Identification Of Fake Products
    • Incorporate Blockchain Technology For Voting System
    • Charity Applications And System With Complete Transparency
    • Decentralized Web Hosting System
    • Renting Disk Space System For Users
    • Loyalty Points Exchange System
    • Trackback Your Food And It Actual Source
  3. Conclusion

Even IT-based companies are looking forward to hiring software engineers who have the ability to handle a wide range of blockchain technology projects and their implementation. If you came across this article by any chance, it means you are learning about blockchain and want to know more about it.

Why Is Blockchain Technology So Much In Demand?

Many people presume that Blockchain is a new technology that is taking the world by storm. But it is not. The blockchain concept was introduced long before. But the actual implementation is available today. If you want to learn blockchain, you must have a practical approach rather than focusing just on the theory aspect. Although, you can use videos and blogs, and documents to get the briefing. But to understand the concept, it is essential that you do things on your own. It will bring clarity and help you to handle high-end blockchain projects.

There are many prestigious websites that offer you to learn blockchain through its pre-defined courses. You can apply for the PG programs, Master's programs, and other certification courses to get in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology Projects

Interesting Projects Based On Blockchain Technology

Here we have listed some of the best and most interesting projects that involve the use of blockchain technology and improves


Trusted Crowdfunding Platform Using a Smart Contract

You must be knowing what is crowdfunding. Through this project, we plan to incorporate blockchain features to help the startups.

  • It Will Be Beneficial For The Start-Ups
  • It Will Help The Angel Investors To Track The Money
  • It Will Reduce The Chances Of Fraud


According to the survey conducted by high-profile institutes and businesses, more than 85 percent of start-ups today are failing to provide delivery in a timely fashion. In short, most of the time, businesses have to deal with delays in delivery patterns. Besides, there are start-ups that do not provide any delivery even after committing to the angel investors. Due to this, angel investors are taking a step back when it comes to investing in start-up projects.

The investors do not find start-ups authentic and reliable. Therefore they do not wish to waste their time and money. As you can observe, there are trust issues in all the crowdfunding programs. Many investors have claimed that they have invested in the wrong projects and campaigns. They feel their money has been misused as they have not received any desired results.

Blockchain Technology Projects

But when these startups will focus on the inclusion of blockchain technology, there will be an upsurge in the interest of angel investors. With the implementation of blockchain technology, the investors will know how and where their money has been used. For this, the start-ups have to make use of the Smart Contracts. Through the application of smart contracts, you can block the funds in the blockchain. You can release the money when the start-up founder makes progress in the project. It will help the investors to keep track of their money and invest it in a better way.


Tracking The Exact Location Of The Shipment And Its Route

Now you can get exact location of the shipment through the application of blockchain in Logistics.

  • Get Complete Details Of The Packages And Not Just Main Landmark.
  • Helpful In Airline Business - It Will Reduce The Chances Of Loosing Baggages
  • You Will Get Reliable Services


In the current scenario, the logistics firms or companies offer details of the main landmark locations. For instance, you will get to know about the city hubs, nearby malls, and various other landmarks. It does not offer any other detail about the shipment of the packages. If the system fails in the middle, the entire data will be lost. People never get to know the exact live location of the packers. This makes the shipment tracking inefficient and inaccurate. You won’t be able to trust the system entirely.

To resolve the issue, you can incorporate blockchain technology in shipment tracking. With the help of blockchain features, you gain the ability to collect live location data of the shipment. The data can be received from multiple interconnected systems and it is completely reliable. You can use the same features of shipment tracking for water routes, land routes, and air routes. In the airline business, it becomes easy to track the lost baggage and packages.


Understanding The Peer To Peer Ridesharing

Merging the concept of ridesharing and carpooling. Blockchain will eliminate intermediate in the business.

  • It Will Be Convenient For The Users.
  • You Can Improve Your Cab Experience
  • No Requirement Of The Intermediate


Carpool is a common concept in today’s society. If you have ever used the carpooling system, it would be easy to understand the projects. There are carpooling agencies in the market that connect the drivers and riders through the portal. The driver can get the destination location from the passengers and pick up all the passengers who can be dropped off on the route. In simple words, the driver can have one or more passengers who happen to follow similar routes. The agencies get the commission and provide payment to the drivers.

Now just imagine, what would happen if the companies or agencies shut down. The drivers will face difficulty in getting the passengers. Similarly, the passengers will not be able to find the cab facilities for the commute.

With the help of blockchain technology, you can merge two businesses into one. You can merge ridesharing with carpooling. There will be no requirement for an intermediary for managing the rides. The drivers and riders can communicate with each other and decide upon the journey. You can easily eliminate the requirement of the middle man. It will enhance the efficiency of both the businesses respectively.

Blockchain Technology Projects

With the success of this project, you can build a network that has safety features, and a reliable commute. Along with these, you can incorporate the exact location tracking parameter as well. If you want your loved ones to reach the destination safely, you can use the tracking parameter. It will provide the live location of the passengers/riders along with other details. Other passengers in the cab can hide their details from unknown members.


Identification System For Fake Products In The Market

  • The Customer Will be Able To Identify Between Fake And Real Products
  • The Blockcahin Will Use 2D Bar Code
  • Authenticity Of The Brands Will Increase


Just have a stroll in a shopping mall and then in the flea market. You will find similarities in the products. Nowadays, you can get duplicate products of popular brands at low prices. But the sellers are attracting the customers with their brand names. The customer only gets to know about the fake products after taking them home or using them. The counterfeit products are spreading in the market like a flood. Most popular brands like Zara, Baggit, Gucci, Dolce, And Gabbana, and others. It becomes difficult to identify the actual or real products from the fake products.

Sometimes, the company experts may not be able to distinguish between fake ones and real ones. How to resolve this issue? How to put a stop to the production and selling of fake products.

It is possible with the help of blockchain technology. The manufacturers of the popular brands can use a 2D barcode and attack it on every product sold by them. Now implement the blockchain functionality with the 2D code. The customers can easily scan the 2D code with their smartphones. Within a second, you will get to know whether the product is fake or real. According to the experts, it is one of the best and most outstanding project ideas that can help a lot of customers in their day-to-day life.

If you can implement this thing with perfection, the big brand will love to work with you and get your system implemented for their business profit.


Blockchain Technology Incorporated In The Voting System

Blockchain will eliminate the issues of the voting system and bring improvement in it.

  • No one can tamper with the results of the voting system
  • It will brig transparency in the votign system.
  • The cyber attackers will not have any opprotunity to breakinto the system.


In the earlier days, country people used to have a paper-based voting system. Everyone used to apply their stamp or signature to the supporting party or system and submit it on the ballot box. Others used to count it manually and then decided upon the results. But it is completely inefficient. Such systems are not reliable or trustworthy. People can tamper with the papers and change the results. To resolve the issue, we are using an electronic ballot system to get the vote from the voters. It was better than the paper system But still, it had some limitations.

In modern-day society, you can replace the electronic voting system with a more advanced system. It can happen by implementing blockchain technology in the voting system. People do not trust the electronic system as it is not capable of securing the data in the long run. Cyber attackers can tamper with the data and lead to political complications. Now you can use a blockchain-based voting system.

Blockchain Technology Projects

The blockchain-based system has the capability to provide transparency in the data and publicly verifiable elections in the country. If implemented successfully, voting can be done using a mobile application that is attached to a blockchain system. Every voter can be tracked with their smartphones and their location. No one will be able to tamper with the data as it will remain secure in the blockchain blocks. Once the data gets stored in the blocks, the hash code will secure it permanently. You can rely on the verdict of the voting system without any doubt.


Transparent and Genuine Charity Application

There is a good news for the people who loves to hel others through donations. Now you can track the path of your money. Moreover, you can ensure that it is not getting misused.

  • You can see an improvement in the functioning of the charity system.
  • People can track their money and know that it has been out to a good use.
  • Genuine charity programs will get the required help.


In our society, there are many fake charity organizations that are posing themselves to be genuine and looting money from the people. It is easy to get sympathy for various aspects of society and gain money in an illicit manner. The important thing is that we know about it. But there is no proof to get hold of such fake charity programs.

There are many genuine charity organizations that actually need help from people but are unable to reach out to them. Moreover, people are willing to donate but find it difficult to trust the organizations. They feel that their money is utilized for other purposes and not serving the needy people.

You can use blockchain technology to resolve the issues of charity programs in society. Blockchain will bring transparency to the system through online charity programs. The developers will design a system to increase the trust and reliability of the charity programs. The people who donate can track their money in real time. They will get to know the actual path through which your money can travel to actual needy people. Once the money has reached the charity organization or person, the donor will get a confirmation.


Have A Full-Fledged Decentralised Web Hosting System

In the upcoming years, professionals will use blockchain for decentralizing the web hosting system.

  • There will be a reduction in the server downtime
  • Blockchain will eliminate overloading issues


In the modern society, web hosting works by hosting all the content on the website. The content includes textual content, images, videos, code, and various other content. When you host the content on the website. It is managed by a centralized hosting company. Through this, the content is accessible to everyone on the world wide web. But you may not have control on the instances of the servers. The site may go down and you are not aware of it. Sometimes, the site is down due to excessive load on a single server or if there is any maintenance requirement.

You can remove the requirement of centralized control with the help of blockchain technology. With integrating blockchain in web hosting platforms, you can laminate the role of a centralized system. Blockchain will help you to split the website content into different granules or components. It will be distributed over the internet and link them together in the blockchain registry. The connection between all the components will make the web hosting system secure and safe. The chances of overloading servers and website downtime can be resolved easily.


Renting Disk Space System For Users

Renting disk spaces wil be simplified with the help of blockchain technology.

  • You can provide maximum disk space to each and every user.
  • You will understand the usage of the blockchain registry.
  • You will just need high speed internet connection.


When you work on this project, your idea is to offer the maximum allowed disk space to each and every user. The disk space is offered to the user on the blockchain registry and is helpful in creating a massive worldwide cloud platform for the users. You can assume the idea to be similar to that of a peer-to-peer network, but with the integration of blockchain technology. With this, you will get to know that it is completely decentralized.

With the application of blockchain technology in disk space technology, you can change the entire face of cloud storage. You can apply the same thing to extend the compute power and improve the memory storage. All you need is an ultra high speed internet connection.


Loyalty Points Exchange System

The customers will be able to make the best use of the loyalty points offered by various brands.

  • Enhaced flexibility of the loyalty points.
  • Customers can share it with their friends and family
  • The customers can use the loyalty points for various other purposes.


Have you ever come across loyalty points offered by the companies to the customers who are loyal when it comes to buying products. It is a major drawback in the system for the customers. Why do you think it is a drawback to offer loyalty points? In simple words, the companies that are avoiding deserving candidates cannot use the loyalty point with others. brands. They are compelled to use it for the same brand multiple times. Moreover, customers do not have the flexibility to exchange loyalty points with other friends. With the integration of blockchain in loyalty programs, you can have a better combination of the products and sales. It gives flexibility to the users to use the loyalty points with their friends and family. Moreover, you can use it with other brands and gain profit with it. Blockchain provides transparency in the system and improves the functioning of loyalty rewards.


Trackback Your Food To Its Source

People are becomign fond of consuming healthy and organic food. But are you sure, the food you get is 100 percent organic and healthy? If not, blockchain will help you. The project will focus on the implementation of blockchain feaures to track the food source.

  • The food tracking sstem will help you reach to the actual source.
  • Customers will get a reliable and trustworthy system
  • There will be a drastic change in the retail world.


Nowadays, people concentrate on eating healthy and organic food. It can be fruits, vegetables, poultry, or dairy products. As you know, people get unhealthy and adulterated food every now and then. You cannot identify which one is healthy for you and which is not. A few years back, chickens were infected with bird flu. How will you know whether you are eating a healthy chicken or not?

Blockchain Technology Projects

With the help of blockchain technology, you can eliminate or resolve such issues. The implementation of the features of blockchain will give you a trace back to the journey from where you get the food. It will change the picture of retail marketing. The rating brand that can explain or trace back the food source would be more trustworthy and reliable in the system.


In the world of Blockchain technology, you have multiple projects that need a new perspective or improvement. Students who are interested in blockchain technology have the flexibility to choose the best suit and use the concept according to their preferences. Above all, CoderzColumn takes pride in bringing you fresh topics where you can learn and acknowledge the progress of blockchain technology in the real world. In recent years, we have experienced a tremendous rise in blockchain technology. Industries are taking a keen interest in implementing the features to enhance the business, gain customers and generate brand awareness. For more updates on blockchain technology, stay tuned to CoderzColumn.

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This articles shows you how you can develop hands-on skill in te blockchain technology projects. How you can implement innoative ideas to resolve real time issues.

If you want to learn more about blockchain technology projects, here is a checklist. You can download it and get started with your first blockchain project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Can Blockchain Technology Be Used To Generate Customer Trust?
    • In order to create trust with blockchain, you must create a blockchain account. It is a safe place where you can store information about all the important things. You need to include blockchain transactions to enhance the trust level. Along with that, you must include the name of the company, the name of the trustee, and the name of the beneficiary. Finally, you would need to sign the transaction with your private key.
  2. How Can Businesses Take Advantage Of Blockchain Technology?
    • Businesses can use the features of blockchain - safe, secure, and encryption. Moreover, the business can become transparent to increase customer trust. Blockchain technology will help in preventing the extra expenditure or overhead costs to maintain and secure the transaction data. Besides, it will streamline the business operations and functionalities. It will help in automating the processes.
  3. What Are The Benefits Of Using Blockchain Technology?
    • Blockchain technology helps the business organization upgrade existing technology and make it more secure. It supports the confidentiality of documents by increasing the anonymity of senders. Besides, you will be able to increase the speed of transactions and make your system more efficient. Blockchain will make the operations independent for the user.

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