Updated On : Aug-04,2022 Time Investment : ~10 mins

Machine Learning Quiz For Beginners

  1. How should missing or damaged data be handled in a dataset?
  2. Which of the following metrics and tools are most frequently used to evaluate classification models?
  3. On the basis of sample data, machine learning algorithms create a model that is known as.................
  4. A method for machine learning that aids in finding outliers in data.
  5. Who is the father of Machine Learning?
  6. What stage of a genetic algorithm is the most important?
  7. Which of the following is not a discipline of machine learning?
  8. The following are the common categories of machine learning problems:
  9. Which of the subsequent clustering algorithms merge and divide nodes to help in the modification of suboptimal partitions?
  10. With the Bayes classifier, missing data items are........................
  11. Which supervised learning method can handle input attributes with both numerical and categorical data?

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