Updated On : Jul-31,2022 Time Investment : ~10 mins

Google Analytics Quiz

  1. What type of insights can digital marketers get from Google Analytics?
  2. Can you use Google Analytics to collect and analyze data on Social Media campaigns?
  3. From where does Google Analytics collect a website's Demographics & Interests data?
  4. What report do you need to analyze the session time when the user left the website for crucial pages?
  5. What Google Analytics report helps you gather data on partnership ideas with other websites to send in more traffic?
  6. What parameter will you look at to boost the rank of the webpage in terms of revenue contribution?
  7. How will you check the most popular content on your website? Which Google Analytics section will reflect this information by default?
  8. How will you check who spends more time on your website? Whether it is a returning visitor or a new visitor?
  9. What data can you analyze by assigning a goal value each time you configure a Goal?
  10. What results can you analyze by setting up goals in Google Analytics?

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